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Malema Nine-9 Asijiki In the 80's there was a black lawyer who rounded SA mines recruiting miners to join a union he was to establish. The union was to help eliminate the pain experienced by mine workers in SA. Because of his hard work, the lawyer was then nicknamed; "The Brief Case Lawyer", his real name is Cyril Ramaphosa and the union he established became the National Union of Mine Workers; NUM. It's amazing how quickly people change, the champion of mine workers today owns a stake in a mine that pays its employees a paltry R4 000 a month. The leader of black mine workers owns a stake in a mine where the very black workers were short dead the apartheid style for demanding pay rise. The very union that is supposed to be the vanguard of the poor helpless mine workers goes on radio to say; "the demand by the striking workers are abnormal." Do you blame them? I don't because the NUM has to ensure that workers do not earn a lot, as that would affect their Founding Father's profit margins; Cyril Ramaphosa's profit margins must not be affected, rather the workers suffer than to have the brief case lawyer loosing his profit. Finally, the all so caring Cyril Ramaphosa offers a R2 Million for the burials of the 44 people killed in Marikana, sweet isn't it? By the way this is the man who apparently bid R19 Million for a Buffalo at an auction. 44 people die, he gives them a R2 Million but he's ready to pay a R19 Million for a wild animal.
Malema Nine-9 Asijiki
The war to free Tsonga People in Mozambique
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