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IMPERIALISM DOES NOT CHANGE ITS NATURE, IT ONLY CHANGES ITS FRONT ? Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Any African Politician who refers to the imperialist western countries as development partners deserves to be hanged by his balls, by the masses of impoverished Africans. These are the neocolonial agents who hold their population in check for imperialist exploitation. In the end they are ?honoured? by their masters with chains of awards, and given entry into the elite European capitalist Clubs, for excelling as humble servants of the very destructive neo-liberal world order. These Spineless, Conscienceless, Heartless, stiff-necked fools who seek individual luxury in the midst of mass suffering, simply cannot represent African and Foreign interest at the same time. But, wait a minute, may be they are right in calling these murderers their development partners ? but development of what, who and where?.
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