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What Race of people who hang their lives on the advice of their enemy and follow through with total submission to their enemy, in our case, that enemy is the author and finisher of the institution of religion, that which have Black so call Afrikans believing in that religious book referred to as the Bible, that book which obtain the doctrine about Lucifer the Human Being god, about "his son Jesus" and about the way you must live your life and that such advice is the word of God and you are not to question God, that God being the evil oppressors of Black Afrikan people, in the name of Jesus. Have you Black people ever notice how Black people love to tell each other to love everybody? Well everybody do not exclude anybody, which mean that Black people are being advised to love your enemy equally the same way that you claim to love your friend, and Black so call Afrikans spend our lives attempting to follow the advise of those with a history of oppressing Black people, which make such an evil spirit of our oppressor to be an enemy to the life of Black so call Afrikan people, and the advice that say we are to love everybody, is a foolish advice, and it take a foolish people to follow such flawed advice. Well, I am come to share with you, that in a evil society, to love everybody and hate nobody, is the action displayed by a fool, and a fool think not, the fool just believe in the advice given by the fool enemy, the enemy that is the cause for the status of a fool which the fool occupy in a society that is dominated and controlled by the enemy of Black people, it being a society where life is being advised by those who have proven to be a Racist and practice unjustified prejudice, and is discriminating against Black people, all is such a evil display by those advising Black people in the name of God religion, which is based upon the Racial identity of the Black so call Afrikans. So, you who now believe that it is religious godly to love everybody and to hate nobody, but with the exception of your Black so call Afrikan self, which we hate decisively so, today. . To Love Self and your friends, such is a natural spirit you should display, but to hate your enemy is a Divine virtue to be desired, because it show that you are not a fool but is guided by Divine intelligence and it is that quality of intelligence that verify the quality of Mind you are being guided by today. Who is it that introduced such unnatural advice to the Black world, well I will share with you who it is, it is none other than those who created religion, the doctrine that advise you to love, and to hate not. Yet it is such advice that only apply to you Black folks and not to the adviser that is giving to you such a commandment in life. It is the adviser about love and hate that is Black people enemy and that adviser has a history of lying, deceiving, tricking, and oppressing Black people, yet we honor and follow with obedience such a profane mind that is giving to us advice about God, about the Universe, and about the Nature of our Black life, which is why Afrika is as it is today and Black so call Afrikans are a divided Nation today. In a evil world you can not get back to your Divine Mind not without applying those two emotion which display the spirit of Love and Hate, it is Love that keep you centered to the way you are to Think in life and it is hate that have you to be aware of the cause for your life not being centered today, and by applying the different emotion when your life is in action, it give you to know and understand the cause and the experience from that cause that is giving the effect that your life present condition is experiencing, and it is that Divine reality that should be motivating you to cease from being a fool, and to become involved in the pursuit of your freedom, which will serve as a sign of you being guided by your Divine intelligence and not the foolish profane ignorance that have you to believe it is your obligation to love everybody, including your enemy. There is no Divine intelligent Black Afrikan who can show a greater good to have come to the life of Black people while in this evil world by following the advice that will have you to love everybody and to hate nobody, such advice is what maintain the status of Black people, you who are today intoxicated with Lucifer religion and is occupied in suppressing the natural response to Nature Law, which is to self preserve and protect your life, when under attact, using any and all methods to do so, because your life is Divine, even though you might have been trained to live it profanely, the evidence of your profane life is that you are following the advice of your oppressors, they who have you believing that Heaven is your soul destination if you just live your life loving everybody and hating nobody, which is a very unnatural act while living in a evil world, controlled by those who are responsible for your life present condition, a life that Black people are living in the world today. What a pitiful and foolish Black people many of us have become, as we totally submit to the advice being given to us by those in the act of oppressing the lives of Black so call Afrikan people.
What Race of people who hang their lives on the advice of their enemy
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