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Tripoli surrendered to NATO as result of betrayal of Gen. Eshkal

Posted by The Reunion Black Family on September 1, 2011 at 6:40 PM


Tripoli had been surrendered to rebels on the basis of a secret deal signed by the chief of the city defense forces Eshkal Mohammed, writes the British weekly Sunday Telegraph.


For the last 20 years, the traitor was close to Muammar Gaddafi; now he commanded a brigade, whose task was to defend western approaches to Tripoli.


"Eshkal made a deal with the NTC. When the zero hour approached, he handed the city over to the rebels", the newspaper notes.


 The fact that the rebels won without fight, taking over the key strategic position of a brigade under the command of Eshkal has been confirmed by one of the military leaders of the NTC - Fathi Baja. "We were able to come to an agreement," - he stressed.


In is worth noting that Sunday Telegraph, as a Democratic paper, writes half true, half lies. According to Russian bloggers in Tripoli, severe battles in the town between the Libyan army and Western-backed rebels are still going on.


Gaddafi had to lose the war as a direct result of treachery, as it happened to Saddam in Iraq. The fact that al-Gaddafi adopted basically the same ideology of Democracy (with an Arab-Libyan face) as America has - the main stronghold of this ideology - made him doomed to lose in the war between two Western-type Democracies: the Gaddafi's and the Obama's.


Arabic Democrat Gaddafi failed to play in the field of non-Democratic Islamic Jihad and he lost, of course. He took responsibility, apologized and paid compensation for a bombing of an airplane over Scotland and proclaimed al-Qaeda, the enemy of America, also as his own enemy. It took a mad position to consider as his own enemy the enemy's enemy who must always be treated as a friend, an ally, or, in the worst case, as a neutral.


After that, supporters of Gaddafi understood that the West, by and large, was a friend of theirs, so they found that treachery could be easily justified.


Meanwhile, the war continues in Libya, and apparently will continue in the form of guerrilla warfare and will be completed only when all Libyan government resources are exhausted, as it happened with Saddamites in Iraq.


 A Gaddafi's army soldier reports on the Internet blog LibyanLiberal:


"In Tripoli - these are the days of a terrible disaster. It seems that only due to hacking of some of the satellite dish network we can keep in touch with the outside world. The death toll continues to rise. We attack rebels, ambush convoys and destroy them. We have no choice - either us or them. They also continue to kill and rob. Many parts of Tripoli showed resistance. We shall not lose.


Water is distributed only in regions of Gargaresh and Dahmani. In other areas, there is no water. After a while we will start to kill for the water .... We will wait for the support coming from Beni Walid. Our resistance group already has 134 people ...


... The insurgents in Tripoli can not determine who is who, some of our people have infiltrated their ranks and moved to Sirte. Sooner or later, the colonialists will be defeated. None of them will be left on Libyan soil. I would like to live to see that happened - and die the next day.


I will write more to you when the link appears. Let us go to the front! To victory".


It has to be said that according to Western media, which always lie, the situation in Tripoli is exactly the opposite as described by the Gaddafi's soldier. According to Western claims, the rebels are in full control of Tripoli and lead the offensive on Sirt.


Meanwhile, the rebel leaders from a so-called "transitional council" have not moved to Tripoli yet, despite the promise to do so that they made a week ago.


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