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South Africa : A Case Study For Indigenous Populations. By GBADEBO RHODES-VIVOUR

Posted by The Reunion Black Family on February 27, 2017 at 3:15 PM

South Africa : A Case Study For Indigenous Populations. By GBADEBO RHODES-VIVOUR

Friends have proposed group travel to South Africa, others have invited me to weddings there. When i get such invites, my first reaction is shock and disbelief mainly because I cannot bring myself to understand the kind of mental state an AFRICAN/NIGERIANS put themselves in to ignore the plight of their “BROTHERS’ on their own land. Is it ignorance or just utter shallowness that leaves people bereft of empathy? Most people focus on the beauty of Cape-town and its organization. They take in table mountain views whilst sipping wine in beautiful vineyards.

The nail in the coffin of the Pan African ideal is our attitude – “NOT MY BUSINESS” until it becomes our business as seen with Ebola.


In the situation with South Africa, Nigeria stood up against apartheid not just diplomatically, financially too.

So why are our people and African brothers and sisters being killed in South Africa? A lot of criticism has been made against the people, they have been called animals, uncivilized brutes.


Please permit me to offer a different narrative.

There was a young girl whose house was broken in to by strangers completely different and unfamiliar to her. She watched them kill her parents. She was subject to rape and abuse for most of her life. At some point her abusers stopped only on the condition that they keep majority ownership of the house and she cannot retaliate or engage her anger in anyway. This young girl is now an adult… do you imagine she would be able to have a normal relationship? What does she do with all that anger and hate stored up inside her, do you presume you can understand the mind state of a person that has been oppressed in their OWN HOUSE and still made to feel less than human..

What we see today is a direct failure of the Mandela dream. It was a success for him (whilst we appreciate his sacrifice) It was not a success for his people. The only reason he is so celebrated by the world was because in doing what he did, he protected western interest, they literally got away with it all.

The most vexing thing for me is NONE OF THESE LEADERS OR PEOPLE WHO APPLAUD MANDELA would ever emulate him.

Xerxes burnt down Athens in 480BC , 150 years later Alexander the great burnt down Persepolis. Most Persians that suffered Alexanders wrath were not even born neither was their conception even thought of. Ask King Ferdinand how he dealt with the Moors. Founders of Andalusia (the light of europe) who conquered and ruled Iberia for over 800 years up until their complete expulsion or annihilation.…/world_h…/ancient/Misc/Crests/Peter_I.jpg

Ask the Jewish special forces that went after Nazi fugitives and war criminals. tracking them all over the world and dispensing their justice to them. The Jews have gone as far as getting reparations.

Why wasn’t there a call for forgiveness of the NAZIS, a new and peaceful co-habitation in which they keep all stolen resources. Why didn’t this occur in Poland, Austria or France?

Ask America and the Scots how they dealt with the British, research French and British wars and occupations… SO WHY IS IT THAT THE BLACK MAN IS THE ONLY ONE THAT IS SUPPOSED TO FORGIVE AND FORGET…They tell us JESUS was white with blonde hair and blue eyes, YET they don’t seem to do the “turn the other cheek” thing . These same Nations started a WORLD WAR because a monarch was killed!! A Truth and Reconciliation committee would have solved that problem, NO? At least millions of soldiers wouldn’t have had to die.

A terror group bombs a building in America, they destroy an entire country. The Japanese air force bombs their ship at sea, they drop an ATOMIC BOMB on an entire City, killing innocent civilians. These are the people that celebrate Mandela. Surely if Mandela is so great shouldn’t these countries proffer rainbow solutions to all their conflicts?

People have said the South African economy would have collapsed if Mandela towed the path of Robert Mugabe, they tell south Africans to look North to Zimbabwe.

The thing is this – We as Indigenous Africans need to define what development means to us. We cannot continue defining development based on invaders values (when we are not savages like them,motivated by greed to appropriate at any cost, butchering and killing ). If truly we want to develop like them, then we should go and kidnap them and use them as slaves for free labor to build the foundation of our economy, we should also invade their lands and steal resources, killing many of them in the process.


This is not the African way, lets stop trying to measure up to societies built on GENOCIDE AND SLAVERY. It is lazy to continue to sub-contract our thinking to invaders while running a puppet government. Development should not be a life based solely on consumption of the latest electronics and gadgets, In a capitalist society of GMO foods that make you sick with health care and drugs to cure sicknesses brought about by “developed living”.. Living in which the African family structure is completely destroyed because people spend their whole lives searching for money… This is foreign to us and isn’t African. Lets look to Singapore and China, people that built their country on their own backs and hard work while maintaining their culture. Lets define our own economic and governance systems.

EURO- African Apologist blame ANC for the plight of South Africa citing poor leadership and corruption. On the surface that seems rational, but they leave out that till today, 93percent of the countries land and wealth is controlled by the EURO-invaders. This analogy summarizes it very well.

“If South Africa was a company, 90% of the capital will be owned by the white minority.

Even if the CEO of the company is a black man, he has no power except representing the interest of the majority owners.

The problem with white ownership in South Africa is that it was acquired through violence and theft.

The goal of the historic liberation movement was to correct that injustice.

Unfortunately, Mandela was falsely convinced to avoid addressing the injustice problem.

Mandela and the ANC treason is at the root of the current events in South Africa.

The future of South Africa is bleak. The cycle of violence is unlikely to stop.” -M.K

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