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If There Is A System Of Global White Supremacy Then How Can There Be Poor White People Within it?

Posted by The Reunion Black Family on January 26, 2015 at 4:35 AM

Under the system of white supremacy there are poor white families. Some poor white families may even be poorer than some black families. But the question some may wonder is, if there is a system of white supremacy then how can there be poor white people within it?

I always tell black people that you must look at racism in the mind set of wartime. Take the military for example. You will never see a military power where every soldier therein is of the same rank. That military will definitely have confusion, conflict, and chaos within its midst. Rather, when one enlist in the service, that person, the majority of the time, starts out at the bottom level of that military branch, and it takes years to work their way up to a respectable level of rank. But nevertheless, no matter what the individuals rank maybe they are a part of that military, and while they maybe at the bottom level they must make sure that the bottom level is functioning in a manner that is in agreeance with all levels of the military. The job and responsibility of a soldier mopping, cleaning toilets, or peeling potatoes in the kitchen is just as important as the soldier on the front line. The soldier must never forget that all though he is doing work not consider appealing, or respectable, that he/she is a soldier first and foremost working together as one for the purpose of being victorious over their enemies.

Now even though this white family pictured may be poor, perhaps poorer than you, this white family, like any poor white family today is still part of the system of white supremacy. Their job is to make sure that even at the poor level that the system of racism function properly. They, although poor, must never forget that you are "white" first and foremost. Now I must mention that within the military someone of a higher rank does the promoting of the lower ranking. However, under the system of white supremacy, it is black people who are the ones that promote white people into higher level positions within that system than the level those white people were previously before.

How do they do that? Easy! By convincing black people that they are no better than them. That how can this be about race when I am just as poor as you are? That this is not about race, but about a "class issue", about a "1% vs. 99% issue", about a "human rights issue", about the "government" against "the people" issue, about a "sexism" "genderism issue". Whites in some cases will mention the term "racism", but will bury the term up under these other terms just to confuse you more than what you already may be. However, After convincing black people of such, whites get blacks to fight for their social issues and agendas that strictly benefits whites in the long run.

For example, take "feminism", white women, who were on the lower level within the system were being oppressed by white men, who are on the top level of the system. White women in order to catapult themselves into a higher positions within the system used non white women, especially black women to "promote" white women to the next level within the system, while black women, as a collective whole were/and still are being left behind with their black men on the lower level.

So even though whites may be poorer than you, trust that they would rather be poor than to give up being "white," Because to give up being white is then to become equal with you, and white people know what it means to be "white" under the system of white supremacy. That being white is more valuable under the current system of white supremacy than being a poor black person for that matter just being a black person. Their thinking is, although they will never tell you, is that as long as I am "white," I will always be in a better position than you no matter how poor I am.

#Racism_is_WAR!!!! a warfare that is 90% psychological, and 10% physical.

if you do not understand racism, which is white supremacy, what it is, and how it works, everything you think you understand has only confused you...

According to Neely Fuller, Jr., we white suspects, make our living from mistreating non white folks and it gives the white supremacist joy, to inflict pain, while stealing, raping, and pillaging non white ppl. I tend to agree.

If we "Think his way" (The White man's way), we would have Killed Most of them by now, take back ALL the Land, sea, and air. And made the rest of them into Slaves to work for us, rape, beat, use as spare parts, torture , jail , and generally terrorise. We don't think like White people.Marcus Garvey;

Reading Whiteness

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