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Two Men In US Charged With Conspiring To Overthrow Gambian Government

Posted by The Reunion Black Family on January 5, 2015 at 1:50 PM

Two Men In US Charged With Conspiring To Overthrow Gambian Government

US-Gambian dual national Papa Faal and US resident Cherno Njie were arrested in the United States after they returned from Gambia, where they had travelled to help launch a 30 December coup attempt against President Yahya Jammeh’s government, according to the US Justice Department, which released the criminal complaint against the two men.

Faal, 46, was expected to make an initial appearance in court Monday in Minneapolis, Minnesota, while Njie, 57, was to appear Monday in US District Court in Baltimore, Maryland.


“These defendants stand accused of conspiring to carry out the violent overthrow of a foreign government, in violation of US law,” US Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement.


“The United States strongly condemns such conspiracies. With these serious charges, the United States is committed to holding them fully responsible for their actions.”


According to the criminal complaint, an FBI agent interviewed Faal, who described his own participation “as a member of a group of fighters responsible for the attempted coup”.


Faal also identified Njie as one of the coup’s leaders and main financiers, and told the FBI agent that “Njie was also planning to serve as the interim leader of The Gambia upon the successful completion of the coup.”


Last month’s attack was repelled by the security forces, and at least three suspected attackers died during the fighting, according to unconfirmed reports.

Dozens of military personnel and civilians were arrested and a large cache of weapons and explosives found after an alleged coup attempt in the Gambia, an intelligence source said.


The suspects have been interrogated and were being held in “four villas” in or near the tiny west African nation’s capital Banjul, said a source close to the Gambia’s National Intelligence Agency (NIA).


A group of heavily armed men led by an army deserter attacked the presidential palace before dawn on Tuesday, but were repelled by forces loyal to the Gambia’s leader , Yahya Jammeh.


The strongman, who was visiting Dubai at the time of the attack, blamed unidentified foreign dissidents and “terrorists” for the assault.


“It is an attack by dissidents based in the US, Germany and UK,” Jammeh said in a televised address Wednesday, denying it was an attempt to unseat him.


“This was not a coup. This was an attack by a terrorist group backed by some powers that I would not name.”


Jammeh insisted that the armed forces “are very loyal” and that only former soldiers, including a senior commander, had taken part in the attack on his palace.


“No force can take this place and nobody can destabilise this country,” he said. “Anybody who plans to attack this country, be ready, because you are going to die.”


Investigators have allegedly seized the plan laying out the attack, in which the three suspects, including the alleged ringleader, were killed, according to a military officer.


One alleged conspirator also led authorities to “a large quantity of very sophisticated automatic weapons and explosives,” in a shipping container disguised as second-hand clothing at Banjul’s port, the source close to the NIA said.


Four officers suspected of participating in the attempt had taken refuge in neighbouring Guinea-Bissau, a military source told AFP.


Jammeh returned home on Wednesday from Dubai, where he had been on a private visit.


The United States on Thursday denied it had any role in an apparent coup attempt, adding that it “strongly condemns any attempt to seize power through extra-constitutional means”.


“The US government had no role in the events that took place in Banjul,” a US state department official said.


Neighbouring Senegal has also “strongly” condemned the apparent coup attempt, which it said was undertaken “by a group of insurgents”.

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President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia Stands and Fights Against white Supremacy aka Injustice!!! killing of unarmed Black youths in America and Britain.

The President of Gambia speaks about Independence, Agri-Development and 400 years of European Exploitation, along with Western & European Racial Injustices against Black Peoples. KKK & SKIN HEADS etc. are Terrorist.

From the interview, he spoke about how all of the Caucasian Nations have benefited from the taking of the natural resources from the land, through out Afrika. The imposition of Racism white-Supremacy and the imposition of Caucasian values thru Economic terrorism and U.N. Sanctions, and culture upon Afrikan,,and killing of unarmed Africa America.

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Reply Bro. Akil
1:20 PM on January 19, 2015 
President Yahya Jammeh is an example of what a strong black man should be.
Reply Bro. Akil
1:20 PM on January 19, 2015 
President Yahya Jammeh is an example of what a strong black man should be.
Reply Ayimbila
6:17 PM on June 1, 2016 
If only all African leaders had his conscience.. Africa would have been a first world continent