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Africa and Europe: Before The Next Holocaust (Part 1)

Posted by The Reunion Black Family on June 8, 2014 at 2:45 PM

Africa and Europe: Before The Next Holocaust (Part 1)

One hopes that Europe and in fact the entire world is reflecting upon the rise of the far right political parties in recent European and country (national) elections. The trend is growing and the discussions about it are not getting the full attention.


Europe today moves precariously near those points and factors that led to the Second World War. There are serious and significant traces of similar circumstances today as what led to the eventual holocaust that characterised the war. The Jews were the biggest casualties of the Second World War. We know that the previous holocaust through the slave trade that took place in Africa tore the continent apart and this sad historical occurrence has been largely undermined and underreported. No repatriations have been officially paid. The plights of Africans in the hands of the Nazis were also covered up.


In recent years several governments in Europe have come under fire. There are so many reasons for these developments. It is not very clear however how the introduction of the EURO as a common currency and the continuous expansion of the continent have contributed to this dilemma. In some countries the economic fortunes have declined to the extent that they’ve needed huge financial bailouts. Still in other countries the citizens have emigrated en-mass.


Flexible migrations in/within Europe are made possible by the enlargement or admission of new member countries into the EU. There is also no doubt that the cost of labour or hiring labour has had significant impact on the employment pattern. Economic migration and asylum-based migrations are worldwide today.

Meanwhile there has been a lot of funfair and pomp around the 70th anniversary of the D-Day that saw the allied forces landed in Normandy and the aftermath of this was what led to the defeat of the Germans-effectively marking the end of the Second World War. One man’s will to conquer the world was put to rest. Hitler and his Nazi party madly convinced their likes that people of other races are inferior and needed to be exterminated or subdued.

When the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the D-Day (which sadly excludes the role of our African soldiers) is weighed vis-à-vis the recent rise of far right political parties one wonders if the celebrations have not beclouded the reasoning of the various governments in Europe and the US. It appears that the gains of the D-day are suffering from serious erosions and will be wiped away in the future.

If the political trends and the so called nationalism or nativity going on in Europe keeps their momentum, it is not unlikely that the some of the conditions that led to the Second World War will be totally met in a couple of years. It may be 5 years, it may be 10 years, or it may even be 50 years. What is obvious is that if the pattern is not checked, the point will be reached sooner or later.

There are a lot of assertions that may be wrongly placed.

For example, some people cannot imagine that barbaric killings or holocaust of the 1930s can take place in the year 2014 or in the future say, 2020. But the signs tell us otherwise. Some people also cannot admit that the rise in the far right politics is partially or totally racially driven depending on the country. But it is, because even if one ignores the other reasons or factors, it is very difficult to separate (only) the politics of migration from racial discrimination and intolerance.


Others argue that people are engaging in “protest” votes against their governments because of lack of jobs, lack of social justice and downturns in the economic fortunes. One thing that was very easy to do in the 1930s was to preach similar arguments at rallies that eventually led to the rise of the Nazis. What is happening today in Europe is not different from what happened more than 70 years ago.

Therefore, it appears that Europe is returning to her past, very quickly.


In some countries in Europe, there are open campaigns against certain races of people. More specifically in Sweden the advert below sponsored by the Swedish Democrats targeted street beggars mainly from Eastern Europe. It states that it is time to stop organised begging on our streets. This type of advert was a very common method adopted by the Nazis.


[A campaign advert in the metro styled according to the Nazi advert of the 1930s. It reads "it is time to stop organised begging on our streets"]

Many people condemned the advert and it was as if hell was let loose. But what happened after the EU parliamentary election in May 2014? Well, it is either the people who protested about the posters/advert went to sleep when they were supposed to vote, or they were hypocrites. What is probable is that some of the people who protested against this advert online may have voted for the racist party. If not, how can one explain the (victory) of the far right party despite the condemnation that greeted their adverts and letters which they sent to people’s homes?

In general far right political parties now flourish in Europe. Again, some people will argue that there will be no more holocausts. But I am convinced that the people who lived in Europe in the 1930s had the same feeling---they may have reacted this way,

"oh shut up, that is not going to happen! We are civilised now!"


But when the laws were passed declaring some humans are lesser beings, what followed was unimaginable.

It appears once again that evil is on the rise in Europe and people are becoming passive again. People who are not passive are engaging in hypocrisy.

We have seen cases of Africans or people of African descents being targeted for several years across many countries in Europe. In recent months, there are so many unpalatable incidents where extremists have gone unpunished for crimes against ordinary citizens. The signals one gets from such injustices leaves more to be desired from Europe in general.

[Fidel Ogu, a Nigerian visiting Sweden in 2013. He became one of the victims of the Nazi attacks. He was stabbed in the lower abdomen and spent many months in the hospital. There is a tendency that the sustenance of far right politics will increase the occurences of these atacks]

Government policies may have failed in many European countries. There are unexpected outcomes from the flow of people across the world and across Europe in particular. France’s Front National (FN) is leading the Eurosceptic revolution in Europe and they have succeeded so far. The National Party in the UK can claim that all the UK jobs are going to the Eastern blocks and use that as a dashboard to get to Strasbourg and Brussels.

The Swedish Democratic Party can win more sympathy saying that all the social benefits are going to foreigners rather than Swedish pensioners. The Greeks can develop sympathy for a party they think will bring them prosperity. For some people when they cry, they don’t see. That is sad.

 A smiling Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, seen to the right, happily poses before cameras and a "Swedish 'N*gger Cake."

It is easy to forget the innumerable benefits that accrued from intercultural societies. It is easy to forget that the world is now a global village. So many of these far right parties have undermined the importance of the roles of immigrants in providing or filling the gaps in the essential service industries and thereby helping to prevent a total collapse of the European economy in general. It is too easy to ignore that in some countries more than 25% of the population is over 60 years!

It is inappropriate to target certain races of people while trying to argue for methods or ways to improve the economic situation of a country. For some racists, the issue is beyond politics or the economy. Some people are just uncomfortable with people of other races because in their minds they think they are superior to the others and therefore they should never meet or mix. I don’t know if there is a cure for such mental deficiency or orientation but it must be suppressed to stop this gradual build up to the next holocaust. The threat is real. It happened before because people didn’t think it would.

If people keep talking about the rise of the far rights groups as an exciting phenomenon, while doing nothing positive to stop it once and for all, it may take another D-Day to halt the consequences. There are so many global distractions nowadays that it is pretty hard to keep a tab on key issues that will shape the world in the next generation or in the coming years.

Many people will remain disillusioned about the issue of race supremacy and one of the toughest arguments that will be used to drive home the points of view that are evil will be the issue of anti-migration. Migration is almost as old as mankind but it continues to have great influences on humans in the areas of jobs, housing and population distributions that are related to pressure on infrastructure and the quality of life.

The shape of things to come in Europe will be well defined during the next rounds of elections that will take place in various countries. Europeans and European migrants will confirm fears and agitations from all corners by the outcomes of those elections. It will be clearer if the recent EU parliamentary elections were a fluke or the reality of the future of the world.

The worst case scenario is that the far right political parties will consolidate grounds on their home soils and will become influential and decisive on the issues relating to jobs and migration. At that time, nativity and nationalism will be redefined and migrations laws will be rewritten.

If Africans and African-Europeans are retargeted as during the days of slavery (and during the Second World War when they were castrated and kept in isolation or were summarily executed), what are our options? Is Africa ready to welcome our brothers and sisters in what may be the biggest mass deportation in human history? Is Africa ready to receive us, our children or our grand and great-grandchildren back home?

(to be continued)

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