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Posted by Wabomba Kisongochi Butemboh on March 1, 2013 at 5:25 AM


Language is an instrument of society cohesion; it is an instrument of idea formation and language liberationis the liberation of the mind 


The utmost thing Afrika needs to do in the correction of her barren idea is to seek language liberation. On which stare of life’s ladder would Afrika betoday had her fifty four states embraced one common language that was Afrikan,spoke what was black Afrikan, expressed the true meaning of Afrika in bothtones and deeds in all her acts and derived from Afrikan man’s environment,believes and traditions; all but different from the language of the oppressorwho is the former colonial master on independency day; even in their respectivestates alone? Speak up Oholibah the Afrikan church! What would have happened tothe children of Israel had they heed Gods directive and not courted and orcopied the traditions, practices, culture and believes from their uncle(Esau’s) descendants that God had settled at the hilly country of Seir?

Whatwould have happened had Afrikan state’s founding fathers refused to copy andpick language, traditions, culture and gods of the departing colonial master atLancaster; and courted one derived from own Afrikan nation’s backyard? May be the colonial demarcated borders would have been broken a half a centuryago and for sure we could not be experiencing daily births of unproductivestones called states but which do not pass the test of being called states andor nations in the fact of God. To try and explain professor Molefi Asante inhis from Afro centricity to the Afrikan ear and or context, an ideology forAfrikan liberation must find its existence in us. It cannot be external to us,and it cannot be imported by those other than ourselves. It must be derivedfrom our peculiar black Afrikan historical and cultural experience. Ourliberation from the captivity of the colonial language must be the first order ofthe Afrikan intellectual. As Lorenzo Turner put it “There can be no freedomuntil there is freedom of the mind”. Language essentially is the control ofthought. For a more than a half a century since independence, Afrikan statesand or Afrika has failed to own her future by failing to control her languagethence her barren idea being the child of her vague idea control.

The colonialmaster’s language has but boxed us into the colonial mater’s concept. That iswhy we try had and spend good time searching for perfection so that we act andtalk like the Whiteman, drink, eat, dress, conduct and carry ourselves aroundAfrikan towns like the Whiteman. Fly, drive and dine the colonial style forthat is the expression of superiority, prestige and real power as we learnedfrom the departing colonial master’s antics. The language that we should seekas Afrikans must possess instrumentality, which is it must be able to dosomething for the second liberation of the Afrikan child; for Afrika.Liberation is fundamentally the seizure of instruments of control.

If languageis un functional, then it should have no place in our Afrikan vocabulary. Inevery revolution, the people have first sized the instrument of idea formationwhich is ideally intellectual and spiritual conquest then property production;a baby child of any social political conquest. We have failed to learn fromhistory. During the American Revolution, Americathe state was born during the Boston tea partywhere the rebels took liberty and parliamentarian representation and gave themdefinitions foreign to the colonial ruling class then Great Britain.It is the only tried and tested route to any genuine revolution commitment.

There is no short cut to the Promised Land ooh mother Afrika. The utmost thingAfrika needs to do in the correction of her barren idea is to seek languageliberation Different languages within the same borders breeds different anddiverse thoughts impeding the path to that nation’s one idea hence the usualtendency of Afrikan nations having a two dozen ideas where there is two dozenethnic groupings found within the same borders. More often than not, thedominant tribes or ethnic block which happen to be the majority in numbersdominate the country in question in the control of everything that dictates thedirection that country will take both socially, politically and economically.

Over 360 years before the good Christ took over human body and came to thisworld, a short cut to 300 meter high Sinai was sought. 1800 stairs wereconstructed right from the oldest church at the foot of Mount Sinai with intent to reach Moses’s cafe on top of Sinai. Man’slittle wisdom had deceived him and he never sought wisdom from high tounderstand why Moses God’s chosen servant used to zigzag the steeps of MountSinai right to the cafe; fast for forty days for God to deliver the chosenpeople Israelto the Promised Land. It never happened. The same had been tried up Babel ridgewhere man tried to rely on the little wisdom he had to reach the mountain ofcongregation, the mountain of the lord with intend to share his glory only tobe scattered in an instant by separation of dialect another weapon from God’sbarn of division and control. Wisdom is good with an inheritance and with itthere is profit to them that see the sun.

Power is a defence, ethnic and triballordship is a sure defence to the ethnic Afrikan throne, money is a defense,even the act of Afrikan elected governments using the local administration tostrike fear in the Afrikan local Joe to forever see a god man in them isanother sure defense. Pride is a defence and ignorance that you have imposedonto the shoulders of the Afrikan child is also a defence; but the knowledge ofwisdom is that it gives live to those who have live


Afrikan nations and Afrika are in dire need of a mobilizing language. Alanguage that will elevate black Afrikan nationalism above ethinicim, abovetribalism, nepotism, religious sects, black Afrikan mysticism and social classdistinctions. A nationalism that will finally counteract ethnic divisions andthe porass Afrikan social class. It is the high time every Afrikan child fromblack merchant to laborer, from commercial sex worker to street children, fromintellectual to illiterate, from aspiring socialist to aspiring capitalist,from Christian to Muslim and from cultists to mysticism: to search for a newblack Afrikan language that will finally mobilize the Afrikan child’sconsciousness. Only then shall our national cause become the principle interestof the people of Afrika; of the Afrikan child as other interests becomesubordinate considerations. For our language as Afrikans will provide us withthe understanding of our reality.

Armed with that essential instrument ofsocial cohesion, and then shall the fundamental element of Afrika’s finalliberation begotten. Let us build a language of truth. A language that willdefine one entity and collectiveness in Afrika. A language upon whose base weshall finally erect the pyramid of the Afrikan dream; upon whose highest peakwill fly the Afrikan flag of identity and prosperity. The pyramid upon whosewalls we shall display the smiling face of the Afrikan child, and a pyramidwhose foundation will be laid on a cornerstone of progressive black Afrikanconsciousness and national liberation.

This will be adequate actions throughwhich we can be able to communicate to the world. The pyramid will serve as asymbol of our national will to liberty and thus progressiveness. And with oneor two main and common languages, then we will be able to propagate amid ourrich diverse culture, same views and same senses. Even if our diverse culturehinders us from being one society, the chances of having two are high. Languageis an instrument of social cohesion. There is no liberation until there is liberationof the mind. 

We shall talk of federations and unions till the sun grows old until we findout what has become the stumbling block to realizing this much sought unity.The East Afrikan federation for example will only be a good idea after Rwanda, Burundiaccepted to introduce Swahili which is spoken in Kenya, Tanzania and is quicklyreplacing Luganda which comes with Baganda tribal glory as a silently acceptednational language in the country Uganda, to their people; notably in theirinstitutions of higher learning and senior secondary schools.(Kiswahili isintroduced in the country Uganda’s syllabus from senior one level or form oneto those of us who are perfectionists of the colonial masters verb andculture.) It will only save the much yearned and but elusive fruit at thecentre of the garden when East Afrikan brothers discover that eating from theSwahili tree in our schools will make the more than one forty millioninhabitants of these federation feel more cohesive day by day and be at home withone another.

Then shall they willingly share their culture believes andtraditions; as they enjoy their fruit of oneness, and through the unity that alanguage of their own, one derived from Afrikan environment, with chosenacceptable words to all tribes in the East Afrikan borders which correctlyexpress their East Afrikan idea derived from East Afrikan thinking, bonded byEast Afrikan culture, traditions and believes; will they cohesively findthemselves routed in a cast of their choice. The East Afrikan cast. Then shall they experience a baptismal change intheir current thinking and tribal and ethnic idea formation for one spokenlanguage which essentially is an instrument of idea formation would haveelevated their tribal ideas to national idea, individual state’s idea to thefederation’s idea. It will be a new thinking that will override their currentbelieves and insecurity between them, between their many tribes, ethnicgroupings and different ideologies if any; Born of different tribal, ethnic andnational languages hence different casts they have found themselves routed in.Without this, we are only trying to build a tower of Babelwith all one hundred thousand brick layers, architects and sand harvesterstalking in one hundred thousand different dialects. Surely, understanding willnot occur for the vital communication will not just be elusive but will be deadand buried.

Communication is the meeting of meaning. When my meaning meets yourmeaning across the bridge of tones deeds and acts, and when understandingoccurs, we have communicated. The rest is a church congregation all talking athousand different tongues but with no one to interpret. It becomes unnecessarynoise not just in the eyes of men but in the fact of God. Ask prophet Isaiah.  

The young generation of Afrika is trying to shape her tomorrow by trying inall the fifty four Afrikan states to size, humanize and own every language theyhave come across, whether local or curved out of  their former colonialmaster’s language. I need no proof better than history and experience to pointout that the very colonial languages forced through the lips of the inhabitantsof the fifty four half hazardly created borders of Afrikan Nations a half acentury ago are not the same languages that are spoken today. What NicolasGullen did to Spanish, Nigerian brothers through the upcoming Nollywood havebeen working hard day and night on Nigerian “AKS” English.

That is after theireffort to own pignee English curved out of distortion and modification of meaningof words between colonial English and local Nigerian main dialects notablydominant Hausa and Ibo, in the early 90’s failed.

What Lovington Hughes did toEnglish, the larger population that make up Afrika’s fifty four nations havetried to work  on their respective societies by evidently sizing alanguage they fill best identified with; derived from own history Afrikanculture traditions and environment. Tanzania should be applauded for being theonly country in the larger Afrikan nation to have not only humanized Kiswahiliinto BONGO language to breath more Tanzanian and close home and thence creatinga new Bongo culture, defining a Bongo environment; whose made new inhabitantsBongo people of the Bongo society   expresses  their Bongo ideawhich is without distortion and all clear to every child born of the Bongo family and her gentiles alike in believes of Unduguism (brotherhood) vis-a-visBongo tradition that evidently have wiped off the board the sixty fivedifferent culture’s believes and traditions hence sixty five  ideas that awhile ago came with the sixty five plus Tanzania’s ethnic divide.

They havetaken fully command of it hence can direct their tomorrow through “Unduguism”shaping it from their culture, environment, believes and traditions givingbirth to the New Bongo national Anthem. What Aime Cesaire did to French, DrcCongo have curved out Lingala before the invasion of Kiswahili from the East(Swahili speakers in Congo Kinshasa are referred to as Easterners, aliens orforeigners; a big plus to the Pierre Pemba’s of Afrika who have benefiteddirectly from the seeds of divisiveness and separation created by uncle Sam theold master of trickery.) Even newly born South Afrika have realized that it isin the soul of her people to size and redefine Afrikaner largely a baby childof the populous Zulu community and the Boer language towards liberalizing ideas and thought and the naked fact that it can only be found in the souls of theSouth Afrikan masses.

Humanizing Luganda, the mother language of the Bagandatribe out of the many tribes in Uganda and her silent acceptance by all tribesand or people that make up the larger country Uganda suggests that it is in thesouls of the people of Uganda to size and redirect any language that they sofeel will lead them towards realizing the Ugandan idea and thought, hencekeeping the engine of the final revolution not only in the country Uganda butthe whole of Afrika alive and kicking. It is the humanizing of GENGE cultureborn in some dark licking shelters of East Leigh,  lowly “California”suburb driven by “Lugha ya vijana wa mtaa” after their efforts tohumanize Sheng in the early 90s failed; that kept Kenya from going to HotelRwanda during the flawed December 07 elections. The country Kenya should countherself twice lucky not to have  gone the Rwandan way, not because she hadgood sound leadership but because she hard a knew voting block who will notface north because their leaders think north. Who don’t see their neighbor,school mate workmate and estate mate basing on the ethnic eye butnational.  Those who see each other as belonging to the larger tribe Kenya, the larger tribe Uganda and the larger tribe that is Bongo whoseJacob skin was Tanzaniaa little while ago.  (Majority born after 1964, the year trickery UncleSam retreated to his country across the Atlantic and are in no way indebted tohis old tricks and gods hence does not belong to those whose scripts dates backto colonial era; beliefs and way of doing things.) Apart from Tanzaniawhose revolutionary BONGO language has ignited a social revolution  thathas slowly planted and watered the tenets that have seen Tanzanian youngsociety run away from Tanzania the country there fore founding fathers planted;the name Tanzania itself curved from mainland Tanganyika and island Azania(Zanzibar) all to mean the union of the two aforementioned  into a Bongonation speaking Bongo language; an instrument of choice that have cohesivelybonded the once ethnically divided union to speak one language send one commontone, perform different deeds appreciate conserve and practice one culture thatis been filtered to be acceptable to all “Bongorians” if you readfrom  the new Afrikan dictionary being written by the generation which hadno direct touch with the gods and believes of the colonial pharaoh; and acts asthey lift their eyes up to higher glory in their silent torch of libertysomewhere in Dare salaam which is coincidentally an Arabic word which means aplace of peace; and yes it has. The Bongo language drummed by Bongo musiciansand the upcoming Bongo movie industry,  is slowly becoming a hot cake inAfrika after overrunning  Eastern Afrika like charging wild beasts fromthe Serengeti crossing the crocodile infested Mara river and has transformedthe sixty five ethnic groupings that make up Tanzania into one Bongo tribespeaking one Bongo language, all but proud of their new culture Bongo notforgetting the Bongo environment hence one Bongo idea all but looking up theirsilent invisible tower of liberty down Dare salaam.  

Yes, Afrikan youths through art and music derived from tenets which are morehome and Afrikan are communicating what is burning in their hearts. They haverealized that our Afrikan founding fathers gave away that pillar that held theAfrikan child together. The pillar whose glory would have cohesively bonded theAfrikan child’s idea into one strong force, the day they disregarded afrocentricity for euro centricity. The breakdown of Afrikan states represents onemassive slide away from the Afrikan centre. Afrikan nations are founded onimported ideologies. We have adopted all symbols and behaviors of decadentwestern societies instead of modeling our Afrikan governments on thetraditional values and patterns of our people. We instead were deceived intothe systems which have only been tested and proven in western countriesforgetting that those systems were made to be so or realized following thecohesiveness of God given glory that is only found in their culture andtraditions hence an environment they were familiar with; befitting the cast oftheir choice. We failed to realize that it was not worthy embracing them in ournew black Afrikan environment, whose culture, traditions were ocean apart. Ourbrothers and sisters in Nigerian Nolly hood, her baby child Bongo Movieindustry and Ghanaian film industry have but been trying to rekindle the lightthat will finally guide and direct the lost pigeon of Afrika’s village templecalled black consciousness that seem to have once lived with Bantu Stephen Bikoand died with Bantu Stephen Biko;(Do my South Afrikan brothers remember him?)into the Afrikan child. Their drums are only shouting to our deaf Afrikan earthat our blood is Afrikan and not Asian, not American and not western. “Damuyangu ni ya Bongo si ya Asia.” borrowed lines from Bongo’s Marlow; and their guitars are only demanding forAfrika’s return to her basic black principles which  always placed as atthe centre in cohesive kingdoms and chiefdom hoods before the ghosts of UncleLaban came into Afrikan Moses’s lives. They are only telling us to come back tothe basics, seek to modify our Afrikan traditions, and from the fallen pillarthat was once Afrika’s black centre, re do and re shape it so that it can meetthe demands of a modern Afrikan society. They are but calling for thedisintegration of our collective imported consciousness and though painfullybut joyfully with sure steps however nail slow to introduce afro centricitywhich is so necessary to put off the white man’s candle and replace it with theblack man’s candle whose light however deem will awaken our black Afrikanpostures and drive our Afrikan consciousness. We aren’t going anywhere as longas we run our Afrikan states on more than a dozen un provable bases. It is timewe accepted the obvious fact that when we courted euro centricity, we chose thewrong path as we embarked on some one else’s talk; our twin brother Esau’swalk. The black Afrikan bus took the wrong direction. We have to make a U- turnback to the start point. Our path should have been Afro centricity. It wasclearly marked from the beginning but as a race and Afrikan family, we failedto acquaint ourselves with the operation map and neither did we look up to thebill board. We failed the road test right from the beginning and the blackrally car took the wrong direction. The co- driver failed the litmus test byabandoning the driver; his blood brother just before the first check point. Wehave to reverse the Afrikan black car down hill right to the bridge. The hillis too steep to climb with the wrong gear we engaged at the bridge and that istrue in the fact of God. You cannot ascend the steep slopes of the Himalayaswith gear five. Hail our Indian brothers, who have become a living example byrallying around the Ganges, whose cohesiveness has ensured that they worshipIndian culture, believes and traditions as expressed in Bolly Hood tone, theirsocial cohesion level on civilization ladder. 

From down the city Dare salaam meaning a place of peace in kisisima, motherAfrika’s re creative intelligence is urging the Afrikan child to mention to theface of the black gods of Afrika that it is him who have changed since theunion flag came down. But he is still the same Israelite brother that he had tofight and kill the Egyptian master for as the biblical Moses did to an Egyptianfor mistreating and enslaving Israel his bloody brother who was also a child ofthe promise; and one he once appreciated and saw a brother in before the birthof colonialism; when their Afrikan traditions, culture and believes bonded themtogether cohesively in kingdoms and chiefdoms. He is telling Afrika’s modernneocolonialist that however much he tire him under the York of blackimperialism, he is still his former desk mate, class mate, playmate; hisbrother at arms in the freedom struggle and a former class mate. ”Unanikumbuka,ila tu unaleta ukaidi. Mimi ni Yule Yule, tulisoma wote kidato kimoja”. Borrowedlines T JT, AS Jua Cali from the other high dominating GENGE ground istelling mother Afrika to seek a certificate of divorce for she did not wedAfrika’s chosen pride at Lancaster but her flower girl and her best maid. He istelling the Afrikan consumer intelligence to say good by to Leah for Rachel wasthe chosen pride.” “Nakutakia kilaheri, kukupenda mi siwezi mpenzi kwaheri”. 

Languageliberation is the liberation of thought

Was not the unity of tongue first put to test on babble ridge when Goddiscovered that it was the oneness of the tongue that communicated onecontrolled thought; the instrument of control and cohesiveness being onelanguage thence communicated one understandable desire whose result wascertified through one deed and single act aimed at meeting the demand of thewill of the people of the earth as expressed in one tone. The result was a talltower that could have enabled man to fulfill his desired dream of not justdiscovering where him who created him dwelled, but get to the mountain ofcongregation and share his glory only for God out of his wisdom to choose the rightbarn that holds the sword of division that became separation of the tongue andor dialect which begot colour difference and destroyed cohesiveness of manthen, and his unmerged control of thought. 

The oppressor language  has quickly condemned the antinodes with whichto measure the distance the Afrikan child has traveled on the ladder ofcivilization and our former colonial master’s language became a scale withwhich to measure the learnedness of an individual. The Sjambok language; thelanguage of the founders hence gods of the effendis. Language being aninstrument of idea control, adopting the language derived from colonialmaster’s environment, history and traditions meant the Afrikan child cedes hishistory, his culture and his traditions and subsequently embarked on thecolonial master’s path, the imperial walk; Esau’s talk. The Afrikan child uponloosing her instrument of social cohesion, the existing social structures ofkingdom hood and chiefdom hood which comparatively came with slightly higherglory was discarded and both entities stripped to ethnic groupings, tribal andclan entities which came with lower casts were watered and made to flourish atall costs. Ethnic grouping sounds of higher cast on paper though but the ironyis it can disintegrate further into lower glories but chiefdom and kingdomhowever narrow forever remain more cohesive and one. That is how mother Afrikalost control over her traditions, her culture and her environment. Her historyand future became dictated and directed by the colonial master’s culture andtraditions and gods. On allowing the colonial master who was alien to ourculture and traditions to write our Afrikan history for us, we lost controlover our culture, over our Afrikan environment and traditions.

For example the lameness and ineffectiveness of the Genge idea to the Kenyanconsumer intelligence is the opposite that Bongo has had on the East Afrikanconsumer block. To the more than one hundred and forty million Swahili speakersfound in central and Eastern Afrika. Bongo controlled the Afrikan brother andcommunicated fully and home his will, despair, dream and wish from aninstrument of idea control, cohesion, social control and thought drawn from theAfrikan brothers own environment, culture and believes thence home andacceptable to majority Afrikan ear giving birth to the elusive understanding wehave in vain sought for close to forty years to no Vail. This is largelybecause the instrument of social cohesion in Bongo language is more home andcloser to the Afrikan heart than Genge. Bongo has shown a higher level ofemancipation from the chains of the colonial gods, culture, traditions andbelieves. Bongo sounds more Afrikan and closer home to the ground the Afrikan child is familiar with.

It has made the most threatening stride in being on theforefront of crushing foreign obstacles that was inherited from the tables ofLancaster in colonial masters trickery of planting, watering, distortion andmodification of meaning of Afrikan words as from their culture, traditions andenvironment in his bet to permanently check Afrikan colonies/ people fromattaining a spiritual revolution via slowing down the wheels  and spirit of their intellectual revolution, where as Genge whose cracks in theKenyan society as expressed in tribal suspicions and ethnic divisiveness asdemonstrated in December 2007 scar, is a sure indicator of the short distancetraveled by the Kenyan society in freeing themselves from colonial mastersdistortion of meaning of the Kenyan collective idea. Kenyans has been condemnedto waste their energy that they would have put into national building intofighting the modification of meaning of words in the Kerinyaga nation. That isthe reason behind the shunning of the country by any serious investor.

That iswhy her East Afrikan neighbor states which were way behind as compared to thecountry Kenya in the field of economic growth and the gross domestic productsince independence is quickly catching up as Kenya degenerates into the mostinsecure country in the East Afrikan block. In a way, the Baganda tribe’slanguage Luganda has brought more cohesion among Ugandan tribes than Englishhas to Kenya largely because her gods are tribal but next door to every Ugandaneye derived from the gods’ traditions and culture they know. Deny the fact ofGod oh Kenyan elites and learned fellows that the level of cohesiveness in theUgandan society is closer as compared to the Kenyan equation. Compare thepolitical tone that came with the handling of the MIGINGO ISLANDaffair between the Kenyan politician vide his political lip verses his Ugandancounterpart and you wont help realizing the Godly fact that the Ugandanpolitician’s lip in handling the MIGINGO CASE camewith more restraint than his Kenyan counterpart. 

Even the Ugandan localpeasant living across the border sounded mature and so no need to fight and orquarrel over a rocky island in lake Victoria when we were brothers whose peopleshared so many things in common; and especially when the east Afrikan politicalwind was at last pointing the grid direction of an East Afrikan federation. Onthe other hand, his Kenyan counterpart was busy drumming war drums from Kenya’shighest ground as led by the Kenyan politician perfectly molded by the gods ofMount Lancaster. Any turmoil in the country Uganda is bound to arise fromideological differences, whether village or national and not from the evilsatanic ethnic shoot that is Kenya. What has suddenly started the exodus ofKenyan school children into Ugandan institutions of higher learning? Has it notbeen necessitated by the Godly fact that the common basic needs of any Ugandancitizen in food, clothing and shelter in the coat of education are within reachto the common peasant which is the direct opposite to the situation on theKenyan side? Is Sheng not the mostly spoken amongst the youths in the countryKenya which humanized colonial English at independency but made Swahili anothernational language and has it not confused the Kenyan child further to foreverfight for his identity? Is it not a product of distortion of meaning of wordsbetween colonial English and indigenous kikuyu and is it not silently acceptedas a national language in the country Kenya? Or does Matatu/Mathree notderived from “EMathathu” which means three in kikuyu dialect as Kariokorto great corner, Kawangare to come to the quarry, Isili toEast Leigh and Hoyt’s bridge to “Moi’s bridge”? For example the gapbetween Tanzania’s Bongo culture and Kenya’s Genge  vis a vis the ratio ofthe ethnic wound between the three East Afrikan neighbors is the naked fact to the ear of any East Afrikan Joshua’s generation thatwhereas Bongo tones have and are addressing national culture; promoting theEast Afrikan culture as expressed in an East Afrikan and larger Afrikan owndeed as derived from an East Afrikan and thus Afrikan own environment, history,culture, and traditions  in the way the larger Afrikan tribe will want itto reach their ear in an acceptable universal tone and the way the rest of theworld should define and read the Afrikan yearn, dreams as they translate theAfrikan idea, whereas Genge tones derived from Genge culture has been busycementing, watering, promoting and thus advocating tribal cohesiveness,drumming ethnic tones and corrupting the would be  Kenya’s national toneand forever ensuring that tribal tones and ethnic deeds are acceptable to thenational tables thus divisive acts. Bongo has been addressing the largerAfrikan cultural conservation when Genge tones has and are addressing tribalclan and ethnic conservation, cementing tribal deeds on national level as theyboob trap their respective tribal and ethnic entities as if with orders to doso from the Amen’s of Afrika for fear of being infiltrated by other perceivedto be hostile neighboring tribes and ethnic culture seen as a destructiveantigen that will tear and eat their tribal, ethnic and tribal cohesion fromwithin. Genge tones have been reaching the ear of East Afrikan consumerintelligence who again are the masses and dejected voices from the marginsdistorted, divisive thence creating the need for the East Afrikan child toinvest big in order to comprehend. It is not fully home and Afrikan and itstones don’t sound unifying and have come to depict the separation of thenational tone in the country Kenya. This is so because the colonial verb hasforever taken a permanent place in the minds and lives of the Kenyan childthat  to every Kenyan whether young or old, learned or illiterate, nostatement is complete without a colonial verb and that is the tragedy; nostatement is complete without a colonial verb as Ham’s children to the tent ofShem and that is the Afrikan tragedy. As the Afrikan child to the tent of thecolonial master and that is the Conspiracy. It has proved a sure thermometerwith which to measure the level on the ladder of national and statecohesiveness as expressed in each East Afrikan state’s tone and has proved thatthe Kenyan tone has lagged behind Bongo tone which is national and Ugandan tonewhich though can be described as Bagandan because it expresses Baganda tribesact is on a relatively higher stair of society cohesion compared to Kenyalargely because it is derived from a Baganda tribal culture and environment. Itis more home and nearer any Ugandan heart that Ugandan brothers and sistersneed not invest big in colonial masters idea formation instrument to understandthe tones of the guy next door. In other words, Bongo tones have been reachingthe ear of the East Afrikan child in the way East Afrikanconsumer intelligence,  both young and old, educated and uneducated, richand common peasant aspiring capitalist to aspiring socialist, merchant andlaborer understands. Bongo drums have always sounded in a tone that defines thecommon Tanzanian and Eastern Afrikan deed aimed to achieving and or attaining auniversal East Afrikan and Tanzanian collective act and does not have a verbderived from the colonial master’s mirror. That is how Jacob became Israel,Abram became Abraham, and Saul became Paul as Tanzania Became Bongo. Ugandanart and music industry however low and of tribal glory, derived from theBaganda engine and or cornerstone vis a vis culture and traditions and thusensuring the country Uganda forever bow to and dance to the whims of theBaganda tribal glory have sounded more closer home and Ugandan to every Ugandanand East Afrikan consumer intelligence than Kenya’s Genge largely becausewhereas Genge culture has still sounded a tone that is still wallowing in thecolonial masters concept and thus has imprisoned and ensured the Kenyan tonedoes not reach the common Kenyan Joe without a verb derived from the colonialmaster’s instrument of social cohesion, idea formation and control of thought. Uganda’sBaganda tone is close to all Ugandan brothers and it is derived from anenvironment and culture that is though alien but one which they are familiarand thence feels more home with than colonial English whose gods are oceansapart. That is the reason why the ethnic tension that has forever condemned thecountry Kenya   toforever sit like a dormant volcano is non existent in the country Uganda.However, it is a phenomena which has been relegated to Tanzania’s history booksthe day the exoskeleton that was Tanzania and which stood for the countriessixty five tribal glories was shed and a coat of higher national glory calledBongo was adopted to be the prime mover of all Tanzanian form of lives. Thedisparity has thus proved that better off are those Afrikan country whoseleadership courted a local instrument of thought however low and tribal the dayflag independence came than those countries which embraced the colonial mastersinstrument of idea formation which has forever ensured that citizens of suchAfrikan countries always feel insecure and always hold with disdain anythingthat is home and Afrikan because they are in Afrika physically but their mindshave been boxed to forever dream western and live in the colonial mastersdream. The study has also proved beyond doubt that those Afrikan countries inwhose borders were grouped lesser ethnic and or tribes are more prone to ethnicmayhem that has become the face of Afrika when compared to those countries inwhose borders will be found more tribes. This is because the more the tribesfound within those artificial colonial drawn borders, the lesser the chances ofthem striking one collective tone with which they would have used to smoke outthe tribal tyranny of the tribe in power given the fact that their will existmore tribal glories striving for dominance at the national idea molding tablesin the artificial state in question. Those countries with two or three tribesand or ethnic groups found within their borders always have two and or lesserwarring and tribal forces which fight themselves for dominance on the countriesidea molding tables, watering the usual ethnic suspicion and booby trapping oftribal fences an act which has ensured Afrikan ethnic daggers and tribal bowsnever live the table. In other words, the Rwandan genocide would have noteasily occurred had the country Rwanda composed of more than a dozen tribes andthe Burundian equation will explode in a thrice when compared to what led tothe fall of Hotel Rwanda largely because the world has to deal with thedominant tribal factor in the Burundian Tutsi ruling class verses the minorityHutu, the direct opposite of what is the country Rwanda. In other words, it isbetter off with the Afrikan countries which in whose borders were grouped withmore tribes and ethnic groups as compared to those countries which werecarefully grouped with lesser tribes and or ethnic groups. The chance of thelater exploding into an ethnic wound is twice higher and than the former. Thatis where countries like Kenya hired the existing false security giving theKenyan child false hope that their country was on the right compass directionwhen on the prismatic compass, it has been pointing false north. Had thecountry Rwanda been grouped with more ethnic and tribal entities, the tribalexplosive train that detonated on Hotel Rwanda would have come at a much slowerpace and may be it would have been contained at larva stage. This is becausethe diverse difference that would have come with more tribal tones which weresuspicious of each other and thus so each other as bitter rivals will have notstricken a common assembly area because the warring tones would have neededmuch time to strike a collective ground. Look at the country Somalia? It is notvery different from the Rwandan equation. It is one tribe Somali, one language Somali,one culture Somali and which has been sold to the clan sword of wrath and hasslit the Somali womb open since the year 1991. Something has to be done beforewe loose Burundi. The Afrikan intellectual and re-creative intelligence willcertainly not require colonial master’s glasses to see this. 

Has not the would be ideology for Afrika’s liberation been external to us,driven by foreign colonial history, colonial culture and experience, thencecolonial believes and way of running and formation of Afrikan idea?  Havenot the colonial masters language which is alien to the Afrikan idea worked toensure an intellectual and spiritual revolution of the black continent foreverremain captive? Has courting of the colonial oppressor language derived fromcolonial foreign background and culture not ensured that the Afrikan ideaforever remains checked? Have Afrikan states not been boxed into the captivityof their respective colonial language, culture and traditions? Can someone denythe fact that what is killing the efforts of a west Afrikan integration is notthe act of the West Afrikan dream elites on whose shoulders lie the future ofthere countrymen as Moses was to Israelites, have been boxed into Frenchcaptivity and thus their only dream is to mould another small France in theirbackyard, live and talk French dress and behave French as English has done toEast Afrika, as Portuguese to former colonies and Belgium to Congo? Is myFrench speaking west Afrikan brother’s dream far away from spending a day in Parisin their lifetime as East Afrikan brothers to London? Can we deny to the factof God that our state coffer’s first priority upon swindling the Afrikan childis  to not own assets in their former colonial powers, not mentioning theoutright act of seeking political asylum in their former colonial masters oncommitting human atrocities  back home. Will i be labeled an extremist oftruth if i mentioned what is true to the fact of God that Afrika’s ruling classand their running dogs take their former colonies as a second home and the fewAfrika’s made rich will prefer living in colonial masters cities than backhome; send their children and kinsmen to learn and perfect the art of Afrika’sbig man by mastering colonial language, culture and traditions only to comeback home to maintain the status quo? Does this not explain why power is onlyfor rich men’s children and politically correct tribe in mother Afrika? Theworst sin you committed was to seduce your countrymen  bore to the gloryof the tribal or ethnic cast and or grouping you come from as you yourselvesbow to your colonial masters, culture, traditions, language and even gods; andfor that the Afrikan child forever lives under his own shadow, under hiscreator’s sword of wrath.

As professor Molefi Asante put it, “eachrace has its batch, its exponent, its message, branded in its forehead by thegreat master’s hand which is its own peculiar keynote and its contribution tothe harmony of nations; communicated in their own peculiar tone and derivedtheir own peculiar instrument of control and thoughtand life being a journey that the wheels of civilization cannotdispense without, all but expressed in the things we do and act towards shapinga better tomorrow, with unity and separation of tones, civilization ismeasured. To what extend, sector and field have the live of my Afrikan brotherbeen liberalized? Is it her political and economical thought that is imbeddingthe intellectual and spiritual path towards fully liberalization or the formercomes first in natures perking order? In the efforts to redefine his talk; toretrace his lost footprints, the Afrikan child has encountered a rocky mountainof a problem. The problem of a ruling class system that perpetuates ethinicim,and uses tribalism as a key to maintain its dirty capitalistic exploitation.The black Afrika’s few “good men” who have learnt the art of using few men whocome out of colleges and the so called Afrika’s class of tribal elites andethnic thinkers taking advantage of their tendency to flock towards the big mansyndrome which is without question parallel to colonial practices they purportto have fought so hard against.(vide their actions and practices, one willwonder if indeed they were there and understood the pain and goals of the wars ofindependence)  Those who have fought silently against the final liberationof the black continent vide their rhetoric tokenism that was forced into theirsalivating mouths and but which they know nothing about. This are the knownstumbling block that for a half a century have truly obscured a true liberationof Afrika by perpetuating ethnic differences, funning and sponsoring tribalanimosity and clanism as what happened in greater Somalia. These are the trueenemies of Afrika who are aiding and maintaining the exploitation of Afrika’sblack Jacobins. They have acrobatically learned the science of using ethnicdifferences on the continent to allow their power structures to flourish asthey exploit the poor workers of Afrika; because to them it is the sole key bywhich they maintain their control of the centre, to divide the ignorant massesand conquer them is the objective of the power structure. It is the rulingclass, Afrika’s ruling class, that small minority, few eating chiefs, ethnicleaches and their tribal bootlickers, the few avaricious demagogic hogs andrats who control and infest black governments. The ruling class and theirrunning dogs, their lackeys, their bootlickers, their Toms and their neo-imperialists, colonial masters in freedom fighter’s coat, the ethnicnationalists- they are all the running dogs of Afrika’s ruling class. These arethe ones who are guilty of financing and helping to maintain and aid tribal andAfrika’s infamous ethnic power structures by perpetuating their “nepotic” attitudesand using tribalism as a mean to divide the people. But it is really the smallminority ruling class, the air force one clan that is dominating, exploitingand oppressing the poor masses of black Afrika,- who in the fact of God are nottribalist and or ethnic thinkers. “Woe to you mother Afrika! For you are asthe last gleaning of the summer fruit, as the grape gleanings of the vintage,where no cluster is to eat. The good are perished out of Afrika and there isnone upright among men. They all lie in wait for blood; they hunt every man,his brother with a net that they may do evil with both hands earnestly. TheAfrikan prince asketh, and the judge asks for a reward; and the great man heutters his mischievous desire: so they wrap it up. Among the best in Afrika, wehave found them sharp as a briar; among the most upright, we have found themsharper than a thorn-edge in the lives of their subjects. The day of thywatchman cometh and thy visitation draweth nigh, that shall be theirperplexity. Therefore, the Afrikan child looked up on the lord; he is waitingfor the  God of his salvation; his God will here him; rejoice not againstme, oh mine enemy; though I be fallen, I shall yet arise; though i sit indarkness, the lord shall yet be light unto me. I will bear the indignation ofthe lord, because i have sinned against him, until he pleads my cause andexecutes judgment for me, and i shall behold his righteousness. Then mineenemies shall see it, and shame shall cover them which said unto me, where is thelord thy God, that regards thee; mine eyes shall behold them trodden down onthe mire of the streets. In that day that the wall of deliverance are to bebuild, in that day shall the decree of ethnicity, tribalism, nepotism, clanism;all children of the big man syndrome shall be far removed”. 

Sold to sin is the Afrikan brother who reads a sign of betrayal in myextremism of truth. It is not me who do it but the one in me. One would nothave expected me to get the Afrikan Cat out of the kit bag that she has beencondemned for more than forty years. I confess to have gone against yourtraditions, practices and medieval believes but i fear you have suffered somuch my Afrikan brother. I value you so dearly and that was the reason why theone in me at the appointed hour used me  to clear the mountains andvalleys that are those old medieval “beautiful” practices that have confusedthe Afrikan child to see wrong for right, night for day, God for counterfeit God, true church for Babylon mother of all harlots,  lowertribal glory for higher national glory, ethnic and tribal glory for nationaland state glory, separation for meeting point and all those false tenets whichhave seen the Afrikan dream forever founded on running sand, thence theconspiracy in every inch of Afrikan live.  Worry not about your eatingfathers, for your father is in heaven. Amos was an extremist of joy. “Letjoy flow down like a river. An Afrikan language will act as that essentialinstrument of society cohesion which is the only bridge any liberation cannotdispense without. Because the social cohesion will provide room for thefundamental elements of any liberation thence Afrika’s liberation which we havesought as an Afrikan family to no Vail will be at home and sown. Atmidnight celebrations of voodoo, the Afrikan cult, the slaves in the WestIndies for the love of their language and skin colour danced and sung, usuallythis favorite song:

“Eh! Bomba! Heh!Heh!

Canga bafiote!

Canga moune dei.e.!

Canga du ki la!

Canga li!

Interpreted us “ We shall destroy the whites and all that they poses; let usdie rather than fail to keep this vow” the colonialist knew this song and triedto stump it out, and the voodoo cult with which it was linked in vain. For over200 years, the slaves sung it in their meetings as the Jews in Babylon sung ofZion. The Afrikan child has silently started singing the national anthem ofAfrika.

“After this, Jesus knowing all things were now accomplished that thescripture might be fulfilled said, “I thirsty” now a vessel full of soar winewas sitting their; and they filled a sponge with soar wine, put it in hyssopand put it to his mouth. So when Jesus had received the soar wine, he said, “Itis finished!” and bowing”, the great controversy that stated in heaven whencherub son of the morning rebelled against the creator of the universe wasdecided. The Afrikan child thirst! The Afrikan child is hungry. The Afrikanchild feels shortchanged on lives’ ladder. He feels helpless. Down here inAfrika, there is a desire to meet but time is for separation. Yes, he ishungry. He thirsts! He is been fed by a sponge full of soar wine; a sponge fullof the scars inflicted by the big man syndrome, a sponge full of vague phonyideology and of ethnic cast and tribal glory. A sponge full of local poor man’sliquor, a sponge full of child soldiers drugs, commercial sex worker; that hehas been receiving from  the running dogs of the big man clan of Afrika.He has been receiving it close to forty years and now cries out from the highestpeak of Mount Kilimanjaro saying, it is finished. But in this case he is notgoing to bow his head and give up the struggle because he looks upon the onewho did it for him up Calvary hill to break the black York NEO, and when hedoes, the final death nail into the world’s great conspiracy, the baby sisterof heaven’s great controversy will have been decided. It was only a proverb.Proverbial wisdom is wisdom of caution///. 


This is the last page of my book "The Great Conspiracy, The Black gods of Afrika" which can be purchased on,,,,, http://www, . kikiwabutembo@gmail.comThe Great Conspiracy: The black gods of Afrika (Volume 1)

This book is a must read for every person born of the Afrikan womb.




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