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Celebrate Akoma Day... Not Valentine's Day

Posted by Akoma House Initiative on December 19, 2012 at 10:15 PM

Original People! Stop celebrating St Valentine (who we don’t know at all), and celebrate black love through Akoma Day!  What is love?  What is Valentine’s Day? Most importantly what is it’s relevance to black people.   We are a people who epitomize love in all its forms; love of god, love of self and love of others. However, we have sadly lost the proper cultural context in which we do most things. The celebration of Love amongst any people is wise, especially in times of so much apparent hatred and forgetfulness about its healing and regenerating power. Unfortunately, we can never optimize any idea or celebration unless it is designed for us and by us.  We are a naturally celebratory people and that is a good thing. Our collective and individual ingenuity, creativity, and the ability to inspire all others are unparalleled.   We are true creative originators of the holiday (holy-day ) concept and we love each other unlike any other people; this should be evident in all our celebrations.

What are we doing blindly celebrating Valentine’s Day? Who was Saint Valentine? There are many correct answers. One deals with the priest of The Emperor Claudius of Rome. Valentine was jailed by the emperor for secretly marrying warriors whom Claudius had decreed should be single for war reasons. Valentine had shamefully fallen from his position and was reportedly having an affair with Cladius’ daughter (“fell in love”;) and sent her letters signed: “from your Valentine”. This and other pagan customs including the Festival of Lupercalia, the eating of chocolate covered cherries, and of course the celebrity status of Cupid (a fat little Grecco/Roman assassin that can make you hate or love anyone without your consent by shooting you!) are the reasons that we should always be culturally responsible when celebrating the holidays of others.

Akoma Day is a non-denominational, culturally based holiday that will enhance spiritual insight and provide a culturally correct context for us to celebrate love. This 7- day holiday is celebrated from February 14 to 20. Akoma Day includes seven virtues and seven principles, and symbolism that reflect the service and rewards that are the foundations of “Building up Love” (the antithesis to falling in love). The holiday is based on the Sacred Science of Soul Mating that can be applied to the intimate, family, and even professional relationships of people, and the corrective education About the Akoma symbol (an (An Adinkra symbol, from Ghana, West Africa) that is misunderstood as the Valentine’s Day heart.

These and other culturally correct themes and customs are a part of Akoma Day; our day, celebrated our way, for our love.

Montsho and Nwasha Edu are the founders of Akoma House Initiative and a happily married “soulmate” counseling team.   Akoma House Initiative uses a synergy of modern day counseling techniques and ancient cultural healing rituals to offer culturally based consulting services, gender specific and joint counseling services, and programs that serve men, women, children, couples, and families. Their book, Akoma Day -Guidebook into the Sacred Science of Soulmating and Cultural Alternative to Valentine’s Day was published in 2007 and has since helped thousands of people to unify and understand the purpose of their relationships. You can learn more about Akoma Day at  


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Reply Deborah Ann Palmer
11:02 AM on February 2, 2013 
This is a good idea however if a guy I like should give me flowers or Godiva Chocolates Feb. 14th I'm not turning them down. No I'm not in a relationship but maybe one day I will be in one.
Reply kicheko davis
10:21 AM on March 18, 2013 
I attened your session at the Black Love conference and would like to purchase your book that has the personal rituals in it. Love & Friendship Kicheko