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ANC Leaders Joined White Minority To Enrich Itself While Life Becomes Ever Harder For The Black Majority."

Posted by The Reunion Black Family on August 22, 2012 at 1:25 PM

Leaders of the ruling African National Congress party have joined the white minority that continues to enrich itself while life becomes ever harder for the black majority."


Once again, lets spot the "con"


African National CONgress


Is this just another CONspiracy theory? or


yet another constructed illusion of congeed freedom with conjectural consequences implemented and controlled by the same white supremacists and their network of global organisations who concealed advanced capitalism as 'economic development', that is being presented as a tool to implement constructive change for all, thereby obtaining consent of Black leadership and their oppressed support..

But instead of Black leadership concentrating their efforts on the alleviation of poverty and inequality they the were lured to concern themselves to conceive concomitance with the existing white economic powers through the continued condemnation of their own conscience and their own blood


They are now successfully confused and congealed into this system of oppression, and will continue to congregate with such conglomerate acts of consecutive conniving conquest against their own brothers and sister, fathers and mothers, and even their own children, consigned into the slavery of consistent control, consolidated under a constitution of white economic consultants who aim to consume without any constraint every last bit of African resource. 


How do one contest and contextualize this continuation of madness and contradiction? or perhaps we conclude that the very hope of Azania based on conformed faith in a foreign political contravention has contributed towards a concise and even deeper level of controlment of the state over its population. 


For now it is conveniently blacks controlling blacks while the conjugates of what is still a majority white-owned conventional economic powers, and the inherited economic structures of colonization, remains intact.


Afropeans have become a condiment on the dish of Eurocentric condemnatory of the black race.  Afropeans have been successfully conditioned to accept the discourse of the oppressor concurrencies...thereby not realizing they have become mere coneys in the "Super power" condominium of advanced global capitalism in which Africa features as a mere conduit of natural and human resource.


WE COULD SAY SO MUCH MORE...the question, who is willing to do anything about it?


How many poor and oppressed workers must die before the democratically elected ANC government will change their inherited Apartheid policing-policy and strategies? 


All they are doing is to change the race statistics of the police-force, by employing more black police.  Then they are trained in the same old white policing tactics used during Apartheid, often by the same white military instructors used during Apartheid.


How can the state claim innocence if they send a fully armed and seemingly rather disorganized police force to deal with a striking and very frustrated oppressed labour force?


The victim (brainwashed black police men) thus is turned into the oppressor in 15 seconds of madness and confusion due to the fascist system that remains in place, and the ones who pulled the trigger cannot understand how and why it happened, but it is too late...


34 Black Families are turned fatherless in 15 seconds of CONfusion...and the white supremacist smiles and points his finger and says: LOOK, you see, when we did it to those savages they called us racist, now they are doing it to themselves...HA HA HA


You cannot change a white supremacist oppressive system simply by appointing black people to manage and implement it...this is the CON that the African National CONgress is unfortunately caught up with...while they are fixing race statistics, they are not allowing any real significant changes in real economic power statistics or in so much needed new state policy and ideology to become implemented.

 I sincerely hope that this is realized very soon

 Peace be unto you peace be unto you.

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Reply idrissa
7:03 AM on August 23, 2012 
Isn't that how this world works?
Reply Madoda Morris
10:34 AM on April 18, 2013 
I am not so stupid but I have been programed to keep quiet and play dumb till I believed that I was dumb,
"The bastards"
"NEVER SHUT UP FOR NO ONE" == my motto