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On 9/11 about 4000 Jews who work in WTC were on leave. So where were they all gone just on that Day? Think about it

Posted by The Reunion Black Family on November 5, 2011 at 7:15 PM


THE ZIONIST Israelis force the USA into fighting wars for them: Israel has a history of fake terror blamed on third parties, hoaxes, and blackmail to trick or force the United States into fighting Israel's wars for them.

"The evidence that links 9-11 to Osama is fabricated. The evidence that links 9-11 to Israel Spies is classified by the US Government. Israel has a history of fake terror blamed on third parties, hoaxes, and blackmail to trick or force the United States into fighting Israel's wars for them.“ They could do it again on this war against Iran!

”The US Government, in keeping secret...the evidence that links the events of 9-11 to the arrested Israeli spies, is acting unconstitutionally and illegally. The Constitution does NOT authorize the US Government to keep the evidence of Israeli involvement in 9-11 from the people, nor does the Constitution authorize the government of the United States to manufacture fake evidence to justify a conquest of oil reserves in Arab nations. “

”By virtue of the classification of this evidence, the US Government stands with a foreign power, accessory to a crime AGAINST the people of the United States... SOMETHING IS ROTTEN, and neither the US Government nor the US media want you to know what it is."

A Zionist war criminal Avi Dichter, the former Israeli Minister of Internal Security, former head of Shin Bet (Shabak) from 2000-2005, and current member of the racist institution of the Knesset, issued an ominous speech to the Israeli National Security Research Center on May 26, 2010.

Dichter told the audience: "We have achieved in Iraq more than we expected and planned. Iraq has vanished as a military force and as a unified country. Our strategic option is to keep it divided. Our strategic goal is to not allow Iraq to take its regional and Arabic role back. Iraq must stay divided and isolated from its regional environment. Nobody can ignore what we have achieved in this field. Iraq can never be the same Iraq before 2003."

Zionists ordered Genocide in Iraq

Up to date more than 2 000 000 Iraqis have been killed as a result of the Zionist-orchestrated "Gulf War" since 1991. IN SUMMARY, the HUMAN COST of the Afghan and Iraq Wars is estimated below from the latest UN figures to now total 2.7 MILLION avoidable deaths. This is because the Jewish ideology, i.e. the Old Testament, the Torah, demands a terrible revenge - the total annihilation - of those who dare to oppose the plans of the Jews.

After 12 years of killing sanctions the Zionists, using shabbez goyim of the US and British armies, moved in for the death blow against Iraq as an independent Arab state. This second aggression on Iraq waged in 2003 is a Zionist war of domination and occupation, of extending Israel´s lebensraum, of the fulfillment of the Jewish prophecy in the Torah of a Jewish state - "Eretz Israel" - stretching between the rivers Nile and Eufrat.

Naive Americans Funded These Anti-American Activities

Israel depends upon the largesse of the U.S. politicians through pressure from the powerful Israel lobby, Zionist groups, and lobbyists, to fund the many diversified activities, including their assassination teams and development of nuclear missiles.

Billions of dollars in loans have been given to Israel that will never be repaid, the cost of which must be borne by the American taxpayer, plus the interest on the money. In 1991, Israel literally demanded of President Bush, George" that the U.S. guarantee $10 billion in loans to build housing for Jews in land taken from Jordan.

Despite the enormous amount of gifts to Israel, their appreciation was reflected in a 1991 statement by then Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Gen. Yitzhak" as he attempted to lay a guilt trip on the United States, claiming it had an obligation to help settle Soviet Jews in Israel through the guarantee of the $10 billion loan.

In 1991, the United States taxpayers paid over $4.3 billion in aid to Israel. Israel then invested these funds in U.S. savings bonds for which the United States paid Israel over $34 million in interest (on the money that the United States gave to Israel in the first place).

From 1974 to 1989, Israel received $16.4 billion in loans that were never repaid. The loans were secretly converted to grants, thereby avoiding repayment. The reason White House politicians referred to the money transfer as loans in the first place was to avoid U.S. oversight, which is required only on money grants. By this time the money was provided, there was no control over how it was used and whether it had to be repaid.

Of course, the U.S.A, the self-proclaimed World Preacher of Human Rights and Democracy continues to support the terrorist state of Israel by giving it tanks, planes, rocket launchers and financial support (the American tax-payers money) to the tune of three billion dollars a year, with which Israel has built up the fourth-largest military machine in the world.

The Israeli occupation of the Palestinian lands, the Israeli crimes against humanity and the Zionist state's hegemony over the Middle East region will continue, however, only as long as American money makes it possible. One day this money will no longer be forthcoming, for one reason or another. That will be Israel's Day of Reckoning!!!

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Reply Ekarika Nanna Obot
4:08 PM on November 15, 2011 
The African issue is not an African issue as such, but the issue of Pan-Europeans entangling black Africa for its socio-economic progress. It all began at the Nubian nation-state of Kemet where Plato and many of his fellow citizens received their education. (Kemet is now Arabic Egypt). As we can see through lingering images of charred ruins, the living skeletons, mass graves, mass rape of women and children, and the plundering of Congo?s natural resources ? all tell us about white supremacist determination to terminate the black race come 2015. King Leopold II of Belgium murdered estimated 10 million between 1885 and 1908. That notwithstanding, Belgium bequeathed to Congo about $5 billion in debt to pay for granting independence in 1960. Beginning from 1997-2010 the death count in Congo stands at 6 million mostly at Eastern Congo where strategic mineral resources is located. All these occur before the eyes of 20.000 UN troops allegedly keeping peace. What peace are they keeping in DRCongo if they cannot save the life of a single child? This episode attest to those unspecified British scientist propositions on Black Africa vanishing come 2015.
Reply Matu
10:04 PM on September 11, 2012 
I give all my trust in GOD even in the most difficult times this world will go through. If GOD is watching and let all this suffering, killing, injustice and attrocities occur around the world is because he has a plan which will lead the entire humanity to recognize and worship his glory. Jesus Christ will come back, and those who believed in his name will be saved but those who denied him will...
Reply Thomas
3:48 PM on September 12, 2012 
Some people will try anything to point fingers. I did a simple google on your statement and it seem that about 500 Jews died in the WTC on 9/11/2001. So it seems that your story is skewed. And for what reason, I don't get it. Oh, Jew hater, that's it.
Reply James Bond
3:49 PM on December 12, 2014 
religions are a big cylindrical poo, and so are you!!