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HISTORY OF MINE BRUTALITY When 75,000 black miners went on strike in 1946, the state police forced them back to work by fi ring on them with rifl es and charging with fi xed bayonets. Twenty-fi ve were killed and thousands were wounded. At that time Smuts was the head of the government and a delegate to the Peace Conference. On farms owned by white men, the black laborers live almost like serfs. They may have their families with them, but no man is allowed to leave the farm without the permission of his master. If he does so, the police are notifi ed and he is brought back by force and whipped. . . . Under the Act for Native Administration, the governor-general, as the supreme authority, has autocratic powers over the Africans. By proclamation The may arrest and detain any African deemed dangerous to public order. He may forbid meetings of more than ten persons in any native residential area. The writ of habeas corpus is not available to Africans. Mass arrests without warrants are made constantly. BLACK SKIN WHITE MASK ?FRANTZ FANON
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