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Nigerians are the most religious people,yet they have the highest rate of illiteracy, poverty,corruption,infant mortality etc

Posted by The Reunion Black Family on May 18, 2011 at 5:40 AM

Statistically,Nigerians are the most religious people on the subsahara continent ,yet they have the highest rate of illiteracy, poverty, infant mortality,endemic political,cooperate corruption,ethnic violence,religious clash,higher unemplyment rate etc.Anyone who has his/or her true state of mind in tact can testify of this reality,these statistics are an indication of an institution, a business, that should have been shut down and kicked out of Nigeria for fraudulent business practices long ago.The Bible and koran are enemy of truth seekers, they cannot deliver onto the people of what they were designed for. No business should ever be above close examination, reproach or criticism. The hopeful fantasies created by these religions in concern to lure innocent Nigerians into a mental prison, into complacency and weakness is criminal. Nigerians need to get off their knees and stop begging their God to bring them what they need.Praying for political change, love or a better life is not going to ever make change actually happen.

Is church-going really a hindrance to Nigerians achievment and development?Nigeria has one of the highest rate of church and mosque attendance in the world. The difference between a productive race of people and an unproductive one is what they do with their time and how they do it. Nigerians spend too much time in church and mosque utilizing it like an emotional factory where Nigerians manufacture non-productivity.sad,but true.."smh"

In specific reference to Nigerians and the church."It is true that a nation success should not be measured by whether or not it has successfully launched an unmaneed satelite into the orbit.It is also possible for a nation to be satisfied without having to have achieved such dream . However, many christians should put their so called God first that it is all right to be without any other achievment as long as they have Jesus. These sentiments are subliminally supported in gospel music and sunday school teachings. When a Nigerian woman sings R&B she sings about the love of a man; when they sing gospel music, they sing about the love of Jesus. "

Can and will Nigerian christians and muslims accept the fact that breaking free of the limitations placed on their minds, achievements and relationships imposed by Christianity and islam may require that they remove the Bible and koran from their lives?What Nigerians needs is rationalism rather than alien superstition. Christianity and Islam both seek to replace one set of superstitions by another. And by asserting the superiority of the spirit world, both Christianity and Islam encourage neglect of rationalism and seek to devalue both human life and human experience and intelligence.Nigerians needs to retain its instinctive understanding of our oneness with nature, but to replace superstition by rationalism and science. Nigeria is a nation weighed down by alien superstition does not need more of the same!..Nigerians are as religious as is the country underdeveloped. In looking at the UN survey on human development index;Nigeria ,Sierra Leone, Congo and Malawi, which top the world’s religiosity list are among the world’s 20 least developed countries. At the same time, Norway, Sweden, Japan, France,Denmark and Canada are among the world’s 20 most developed countries, yet feature in the 11 least religious countries.Nigerians are becoming more religious as a way to cope with the endemic poverty. Nigerian christians and muslims cope and relate with poverty in a more religious way than countries such as Japan . Nigerians believe adamantly in jesus and Allah Will and thus tend to fall back on the reasoning that everything is in the Creators hands including the answer to their political,social challenges.Nigerians do differ with the japanese or germans is when it comes to taking group or individual action to solve a challenge or pursue an opportunity. Lets say on simple terms, if a Nigerian christian car develope a mechanical fault,Nigerian christians or muslims would pray for their so called God intervention while the Japanese would pull out their resources together and fix the mechanical fault without depending on divine intervention. After the car is fixed maybe they would give homage to the Gods but the key point is that they would act, first before fasting and praying to God for help...Wake up my fellow Nigerians,a word is enough for the wise....Alien religions are holding and imposing limit on your lives and destiny...Nigeria will be free if we all choose to make action our social order

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Reply AbdulRasheed Usman Misau
4:29 PM on May 19, 2011 
I am equally confuse by the hypocrisy of the Nigerian people and Nation, we muslims pray five times a day, fast during the holy month of Ramadan, pay zakat, make pilgrimage to mecca and accept that there is one God but corruption, illiteracy and poverty is our companion, how can that be for Allah's sake? The basis of our problem is tribalism and sectionalism, the Nigerian State is an alien concept to Nigerians, what we have are Hausa Nigerians, Yoruba Nigerians, Igbo Nigerians, Ijaw Nigerians, Tiv Nigerians, Muslims Nigerians, Christians Nigerians etc, every Nigerian consider Nigeria as alien utopia that can never attend to nor solve their problem. The elites have made matters worse by using our diversity to prevent popular uprising or revolution against their corrupt and inept leadership. A case in point was the just concluded 2011 general election, every Nigerian knows that the election was rigged and those claiming victory are not our best eleven but yet we are in denial because of parochial reasons of tribe, section and religion, tomorrow another section and tribe will also make it to national leadership and the same process will be repeated again and again and again.
The solution is zoning and rotation of leadership between our diverse people at the LGAs, States and Federal Governments say for 100 years which will completely remove inter tribal, sectional and religious competition, suspicion and hatred and pave way for pan Nigerialism we dream of presently.
Reply temitope
11:45 PM on May 21, 2011 
can we stop running our nation down please. where are the scientific statistics to proof the issues here. general comments are not good evidence.
Reply thesurvivor
12:52 AM on September 2, 2012 
you dnt need any scientific or statistical proof to see what this man is talking about. its in front of you. denial is part of the problem.
Reply maleek uja
7:39 AM on March 17, 2013 
nigeria does not have the highest rate of illiteracy where do u gain your facts??? dont believe everything you read people !
Reply r.c. beckom
1:14 PM on March 17, 2013 
it may not be known to most but poverty comes from not understanding the method one is taught, but do not follow. for instant most so-called christians do not realize they are under the umberlla of the roman catholic church who follows the dragon whose power is given from satan who is against whatever plans the creator has plan for you the creation, being the people the plan was made for,but not wanting to follow the plan will create poverty,illiteracy corruption, infant immortality,etc.