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Black Man PROVES Adam and Eve Biblical Story is a LIE : His DNA Dates Back 338 THOUSAND YEARS!

Posted by The Reunion Black Family on April 9, 2014 at 1:20 PM

An African-American man in South Carolina has lineage tracing back 338,000 years, according to a new study. The unidentified man’s Y chromosomes — a hereditary factor determining male gender — has a history so old that it predates the age of the oldest known h**o sapiens fossils, according to the report published in the American Journal of Human Genetics.

The man’s chromosome carries a rare mutation, which researchers matched to a similar chromosome in the Mbo, a population living in a tiny area of western Cameroon in sub-Saharan Africa. “Our analysis indicates this lineage diverged from previously known Y chromosomes about 338,000 ago, a time when anatomically modern humans had not yet evolved,” Michael Hammer, associate professor at the Univ. of Arizona’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a research scientist at the UA’s Arizona Research Labs, said via a press release. “This pushes back the time the last common Y chromosome ancestor lived by almost 70 percent.”
The DNA study began after the South Carolina man submitted a small tissue sample to theNational Geographic Genographic Project. Researchers were shocked after they noticed none of the genetic markers used to assign lineages to known Y chromosome groupings were found. The man’s DNA sample was sent to Family Tree DNA for sequencing. Fernando Mendez, a postdoctoral researcher in Hammer’s lab, led the effort to analyze the DNA sequence. It included more than 240,000 base pairs of the Y chromosome. Searches through a huge database led to the Mbo connection.

The scientists were then able to estimate the emergence of the chromosome mutation based on rates of change, creating a sort of “family tree” for the chromosome. The discovery doesn’t necessarily mean that all humans descended from an ancestor living in western Cameroon. “It is a misconception that the genealogy of a single genetic region reflects population divergence,” Hammer explained. “Instead, our results suggest that there are pockets of genetically isolated communities that together preserve a great deal of human diversity.”

Hammer added that still “It is likely that other divergent lineages will be found, whether in Africa or among African-Americans in the U.S. and that some of these may further increase the age of the Y chromosome tree. There has been a lot of hype with people trying to trace their Y chromosome to different tribes, but this individual from South Carolina can say he did it.” The study has even further implications. It strengthens the belief that there is no “mitochondrial Eve” or “Y chromosome Adam.” All of humankind, as a result, did not descend from exactly one pair of humans that lived at a certain point in human evolution.


2. Skeletons of pre-humans have been found in Africa that date back between 4 and 5 million years. The oldest known ancestral type of humanity is thought to have been the australopithecus ramidus, who lived at least 4.4 million years ago.

 100 things that you did not know about Africa.


3. Africans were the first to organise fishing expeditions 90,000 years ago. At Katanda, a region in northeastern Zaïre (now Congo), was recovered a finely wrought series of harpoon points, all elaborately polished and barbed. Also uncovered was a tool, equally well crafted, believed to be a dagger. The discoveries suggested the existence of an early aquatic or fishing based culture.


World oldest Know Boat Discovered In Yobe Nigeria

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Reply douglas
7:38 AM on April 10, 2014 
were all one,but great info.. I would like to do an DNA swab to find out my true roots,can anyone recommend a reliable company to have this done and maybe for free or at a low cost?
Reply Smoke
11:47 AM on April 10, 2014 
Shut up with this crap. Nothing more than pre-mediatated Garbage. This dude didn't do shit. He's a human like anyone else.
Reply lel
7:48 PM on April 10, 2014 
lol dumbasses this site is dotishness
Reply Gary
11:08 AM on April 11, 2014 
Lol homo in Homo Sapiens is censored
Reply Blaze
1:38 AM on April 14, 2014 
@Smoke Why you hating? Either you a craka or a coon. Smh
Reply Blaze
1:41 AM on April 14, 2014 
Smoke says...
Shut up with this crap. Nothing more than pre-mediatated Garbage. This dude didn't do shit. He's a human like anyone else.

@Smoke Why you hating? Either you a craka or a coon. Smh
Reply Kit
4:05 AM on June 11, 2014 
Why on earth do you write h**o instead of homo?
Reply Hamza
4:06 PM on June 11, 2014 
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Reply Reup
12:39 PM on November 28, 2014 
The bible does say that Cain went into the land a multiplied with others. I always wondered where those others came from!
Reply Viivi
6:27 AM on March 3, 2015 
why spoil a great article with a spelling mistake? Homo sapiens is spelled homo sapiens, not h**o sapiens.
Reply Felix Thaxton
3:00 AM on March 4, 2015 
Would seriously like to know more please.
Reply Rosemary Edwards
9:52 AM on March 4, 2015 
Great information thanks. Pedants who wish to split hairs over 'mis spellings ' of words,please note: this is not a post about linguistic or etymology...divisive diversions not needed. Thank you!
Reply Derryck S. Griffith
6:53 AM on March 5, 2015 
Black Africa's Illicit Trading Of Their Own People!

The greatest regret was when Black Africans sold their fellow Africans to the Whites for a few trinkets, or some money. Most did not know the fate of those they were selling anyway, nor had they known, they would not have cared one bit.

After all, most of the Black brothers and sisters they were selling to the White men were there enemies, ethnic rivals, inferiors, and tribal captured slaves.
Reply Derryck S. Griffith
7:01 AM on March 5, 2015 
The Word HOMO means homogenous. Or similar in kind.

HOMOSEXUAL is the same expression in a sexual manner. Meaning having sexual desires for the same SEX or Gender.

It is Not Evil, but the White man and his religion makes it so in order for their SUBJECTS/Slaves to believe and accept their concept of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong.

They were very effective with Religion, because after centuries of indoctrination via Christianity and subsequently Islam. The Black races are the most persuaded.
Reply Cnubian
6:37 PM on March 7, 2015 
at wow now we as a people are awesome