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Craig Cobb White Supremacist Lynches Himself after Learning of His Black Ancestry

Posted by The Reunion Black Family on November 21, 2013 at 4:40 AM

White Supremacist Lynches Himself after Learning of His Black Ancestry 

STAMFORD,  – After white supremacist Craig Cobb learned that he was 14% black while in front of a live studio audience for the Trisha Goddard Show, he decided to “end the humiliation” by lynching himself, according to members in attendance.

“I didn’t expect that,” said audience member Jon Baker. “Being here I figured we’d be treated to some wacky, Maury Povich-type stuff. But a real-life, up-close hanging? That’s straight out of a Tarantino flick.”

Cobb at first denied the DNA test results linking him to a Sub-Saharan ancestry, referring to the findings as statistical noise. “Wait a minute, wait a minute, hold on, just wait a minute,” said a frantic Cobb. “Do I look

But as host Trisha Goddard moved to fist-bump Cobb while exclaiming “Bro!” Cobb reportedly said that he “could feel the blackness suddenly and uncontrollably creeping up inside of [him],” precipitating a fist-bump reciprocation.

“At that moment he realized it was true,” said Baker. “He was undeniably black. But instead of embracing his heritage, he ran from it. I guess it’s all he knew how to do.”

By this point, NBC had already cut to commercial, providing Baker and fellow audience members with an exclusive, front-row seat to the spectacle that was about to ensue—one that no one attempted to stop.

“He’s a white supremacist, which is pretty much the lowest form of humanity,” continued Baker.

“So we kind of just sat there and let him do his thing. First he created a noose from his shirt and then he stepped on to the chair. Then, well – I don’t think I need to explain the rest.”

Not even members of the white enclave that Cobb helped form in Leith, N.D. felt sympathy for their deceased white supremacist leader.

The white supremacist attempting to turn a small North Dakotan town into a ‘white enclave’ has undergone a DNA test which proves he is of Sub-Saharan African heritage, MailOnline can reveal.

Craig Cobb, 62, submitted to the test as part of The Trisha Show’s ongoing Race in America series and was given the results of the DNA Diagnostics test by the host, Trisha Goddard, to the whoops of her studio audience.

On hearing the results Cobb, who insists he is not a white supremacist but a Creator, a religion which favours ‘racial awareness’, immediately dismissed the news that genetically he is 14 per cent Sub Saharan African, 86 per cent European, as ‘statistical noise.’

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Followers of Cobb: Badge wearing member of the National Socialist Movement, Kynan Dutton, wife Deborah Dutton and their five children are the first family to move to Leith, N.D in an attempt to establish a white enclave


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Reply O!
6:14 AM on November 21, 2013 
If anyone was ever going to be a supreme being or race...these guys are poor attempts..they simply look unkempt and filthy.

The U.S sure has loads of issues to resolve internally...some of its citizens are natural disasters!
Reply Andy
1:30 PM on November 21, 2013 
Is this the beginning of mass suicide of disillusioned whites who find out they are part black?
Reply ItsRoni
3:24 PM on November 21, 2013 
I cannot find anything that says he killed himself. Are you sure this article is correct?
Reply Malik
4:28 PM on November 21, 2013 
Racist groups are a joke. NO ONE is full anything. Every person is mixed with something. That's just the effects of migration. DUH.
Reply John Jernegan
9:59 PM on November 21, 2013 
Truth is stranger than fiction. I would have rather he not committed suicide and used the revelation to take responsibility for the stupidity and criminality of the philosophy he had espoused.
Reply arawdog1
10:03 PM on November 21, 2013 
well Hitler found out he was what he hated also, he found out he was a jew, just how do we stop this madness
Reply Susette Fisher
1:26 PM on November 29, 2013 
I do not think this article is right because there was a legal action involving him in the last two weeks. Looking for the source.
Reply Susette Fisher
1:29 PM on November 29, 2013 
Not true: