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The White Anti-Racist Is an Oxymoron:An Open Letter to White Anti-Racists

Posted by The Reunion Black Family on January 18, 2013 at 3:10 PM

The White Anti-Racist Is an Oxymoron: An Open Letter to “White Anti-Racists”By Tamara K. Nopper.


"HE continues to exploit, degrade, and oppress

every corner of the globe. To recognize these facts does not make you

anti-HE OR SHE or racist. It merely means that you have enough

intelligence to know your enemy. As a note of caution,I , do not allow

MYSELF to be drawn into a time-consuming,

useless, debate over whether or not HE is racist. His

record more than ever speaks for itself.

I received an annoying e-mail about white people and their struggle to do anti-racist work. I keep reading and hearing white people talk about their struggle to do anti-racist organizing, and frankly it gets on my nerves. So I am writing this open letter to white people who engage in any activist work that involves or affects non-whites. Given that the US social structure is founded on white supremacy, and that there is a global order in which white supremacy and European domination are at large, I would challenge any white person to figure out what movement or action they can get involved in that will not involve or affect non-white people.

That said, I want to begin with what has become a realization for me through the help of different politically conscious friends. There is NO SUCH THING AS A WHITE ANTI-RACIST. The term itself, "white anti- racist" is an oxymoron. In the following, I will explain why. Then, I will begin to detail how this impacts non-white people in organizing work specifically, along with how it affects non-white people generally.

First, one must realize that whiteness is a structure of domination. As such, there is nothing redeemable or reformable about whiteness. Intellectuals, scholars and activists, especially those who are non- white, have drawn our attention to this for years. For example, people such as Malcolm X, W.E.B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Ida B. Wells, Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, and many, many others who are perhaps less famous, have articulated the relationship between whiteness and domination.

Further, people such as Douglass and DuBois began to outline how whiteness is a social and political construct that emphasizes the domination, authority, and perceived humanity of those who are racialized as white. They, along with many other non-white writers and orators, have pointed to the fact that it was the bodies who were able to be racialized as "white" that were able to be viewed as rational, authoritative, and deserving. Further, and believe me, this is no small thing, white people are viewed as human. What this means is that when white people suffer, as some who are poor/female/queer, they nevertheless are able to have some measure of sympathy for their plight simply because they are white and their marginalization is considered an emergency, crisis or an issue to be concerned about.

Furthermore, even when white people have been oppressed by various dimensions of classism, homophobia and heterosexism, they have been able to opt for what DuBois, in his monograph "Black Reconstruction" brilliantly called "the psychological wage of whiteness." That is, whites that are marginalized could find comfort, even if psychological, in the fact that they were not non-white. They could revel in the fact that they could be taken as white in opposition to non-white groups. The desire for this wage of whiteness was also what drove many white people, albeit marginalized, to engage in organized violence against non-whites.

Of course, legal cases such as the Dred Scott Decision along with many different naturalization cases involving Asian individuals, has helped to encode a state-sanctioned definition of whiteness. But there are other ways in which white people can be racialized as white by the state. They are not stopped while driving as much as non-white people. Their homes and businesses are not raided and searched as much by police officers, INS or License and Inspections (L&I). White people's bodies are not tracked and locked up in prisons, detention centers, juvenile systems, detention halls in classrooms, "special education" classes, etc. White people's bodies are not generally the site of fear, repulsion, violent desire, or hatred.

Now some might point out to me that white people are followed, tracked and harassed by individuals and state agents such as the police. This is true. Some white women get sexually harassed and experience state-sanctioned discrimination. Queer whites are the subject of homophobia, whether by individuals or by the state through laws and the police. Some queer whites are harassed by cops. Activist whites are stopped by police. White people who play rap music and wear gear are stopped by cops. Poor whites can be criminalized, especially by the state around welfare issues. What I want to point out is that, while I do not condone police violence and harassment, there is a way in which white people will not be viewed as inherently criminal or suspect unless they are perceived as doing something that breaks particular norms.

Conversely, other racial groups, particularly Blacks and Native Americans, are considered inherently criminal no matter what they do, what their sexual identity is or what they wear. Further, it has always struck me as interesting that there are white people who will attempt to wear what signifies "Blackness," whether it is dreadlocks (which, in my opinion, should be cut off from every white person's head), "gear," or Black masks at rallies. There is a sick way in which white people want to emulate that which is considered "badass" about a certain existential position of Blackness at the same time they do not want the burden of living as a non-white person. Further, it really strikes me as fucked up the way in which white people will go to rallies and taunt the police with Black masks in order to bring on police pressure. What does it mean when Blackness is strategically used by whites to bring on police violence? Now I know that somewhere there is a dreadlocked, smelly white anarchist who is reading this message and who is angry with me for not understanding the logic of the Black masks and its roots in anarchism. But I would challenge these people to consider how they are reproducing a violence towards Blackness in their attempts to taunt and challenge the police in their efforts.

Now back to my point that white anti-racism is an oxymoron. Whiteness is a social and political construct rooted in white supremacy. White supremacy is a structure and system of beliefs rooted in European and US imperialism in which certain racialized bodies (non-white) are selected for premature negation whether through cultural, physical, psychological genocide, containment or other forms of social death. White supremacy is at the heart of the US social system and civil society. In short, white supremacy is not just a series of practices or privilege, but a larger social structure and system of domination that overly-values and rewards those who are racialized as white. The rest of us are constructed as undeserving to be considered human, although there is significant variation within non-white populations of how our bodies are encoded, treated and (de)valued.

Now, for one to claim whiteness, one also is invested in white supremacy. Whiteness itself is a political term that emerged among European white ethnics in the US. These European ethnics, many of them reviled, chose to cast their lot with whiteness rather than that with those who had been determined as non-white. In short, anyone who claims to be white, even a white anti-racist, is identifying with a history of European imperialism and racism transported and further developed into the US.

However, this does not mean that white people who go around saying dumb things such as "I am not white! I am a human being!" or, "I left whiteness and joined the human race," or my favorite, "I hate white people! They're stupid" are not structurally white. Remember, whiteness is a structure of domination embedded in our social relations, institutions, discourses, and practices. Don't tell me you're not white but then when we go out in the street and the police don't bother you or people don't ask you if you're a prostitute, or if people don't follow you and touch you at will, act like that does not make a difference in our lives. Basically, you can't talk, or merely "unlearn" whiteness, as all of these annoying trainings for white people to "unlearn" racism will have you think.

Rather, white people need to be willing to have their very social position, their very relationship of domination, their very authority, their very being...let go, perhaps even destroyed. I know this might sound scary, but that is really not my concern. I am not interested in making white people, even those so-called good-hearted anti-racist whites, comfortable about their position in struggles that shape my life in ways that it will never shape theirs. I recently finished the biography of John Brown by DuBois. The biography was less of a biography and more of an interpretation by DuBois about the now-legendary white abolitionist. Now while John Brown's practice was problematic in many ways--he still had to be in control and he had fucked-up views that Blacks were still enslaved because they were too "servile" (a white supremacist sentiment)--what I took from Brown's life was that he realized that moral persuasion alone would not solve racial problems. That is, whites cannot talk or just think through whiteness and structures of white supremacy. They must be committed to either picking up arms for other people (and only firing when the people tell them so), dying for other people, or just getting out of the way. In short, they must be willing to do what the people most affected and marginalized by a situation tell them to do.

Now I am sure that right now there are some white people saying that other people cannot understand what is going on, that they do not have the critical analysis to figure stuff out, or that non-white people have fucked up ideas. This is just white supremacist bullshit because it is rooted in the idea that non-white people have not interpreted their experiences and cannot run things themselves. It also assumes that there are not internal conversations within communities--which I do not think white people need to be privy to or participate in--in which people struggle out their own visions for society and how to go about achieving them. In short, this perspective by whites that non-white people cannot be in control of our own destinies is rooted in a paternally-racist approach to non-white people.

Further, it is also rooted in the idea that white people are not racist or do not benefit from racism. Rather, white people at meetings will often discuss how they feel "silenced" by non-whites, or that they are being "put in their place." Let me make one thing clear: it is impossible for a non-white person to put a white person in her place. This is not to say that non-white people cannot have a sexist or homophobic attitude towards a white person. But to say, or even hint at that as a "WHITE" person someone is being put in their place--whoever says this just needs to shut the fuck up because that is some bull. It is impossible for whiteness to be put in one's place, because that is a part of whiteness, the ability to take up space and feel a prerogative to do so.

Further, the idea that white people are being put into their place relies on the neo-conservative view of reverse racism that has characterized the backlash against non-whites, especially Blacks, in the post-civil rights era. So when you say these types of things you are actually helping to reproduce a neo-conservative racial rhetoric which relies on the myth of the "threatened" and "displaced" white person.

Additionally, white activism, especially white anti-racism, is predicated on an economy of gratitude. We are supposed to be grateful that a white person is willing to work with non-white people. We are supposed to be grateful that you actually want to work with us and that you give us your resources. I would like to know why you have those resources and others do not? And don't assume that just because I have to ask you for resources that it does not hurt me, pain me even. Don't assume that when you come into the space, that doesn't bother me. Don't assume that when you talk first, talk the most, and talk the most often, that this doesn't hurt me. Don't assume that when I see you get the attention and accolades and the book deals and the speaking engagements that this does not hurt me (because you profit off of pain). And don't assume that when I see how grateful non-white people are to you for being there, for being a "good white" person that this doesn't hurt me. And don't assume that when I get chastised by non-white people because I think your presence is unnecessary that it does not hurt me. Because all of these things remind me of how powerless non-white people are (albeit differently) in relation to white people. All of these gestures that you do reminds me of how grateful I am supposed to be towards you because you actually (or supposedly) care about what is happening to me. I am a bit resentful of economies of gratitude.

Further, this structure of white supremacy known as white anti-racism also impacts the larger social world because it still makes white people the most valued people. Non-white people are forced to feel dependent and grateful to white people who will actually interact with us. We are made to feel that we are inferior, incapable, that we really do need white people. And the sad thing is, that given all of the resources that whiteness has and that white people get and control, there is an element of material truth in all of this, I am afraid. But white people need to think of how their activism reproduces the actual structure of white supremacy some--not all whites activists--profess to be about. This structure of white supremacy is not just in an activist space, it actually touches upon and impinges on the lives of non-white people who may not be activists (in your sense) or who do not interact with you in activist worlds.

But consider what your presence means in a community that you decide to set up your community garden in, or your bookstore in, or your meeting space in, or have your march in. What does it mean when you decide that you want to be "with" the oppressed and you end up displacing them? Just because you walk around with your dreadlocks, or decide that you will not wear expensive clothes does not mean that your whiteness does not displace people in the spaces you decide to put yourself in. How do you help to bring more forms of authority and control in a neighborhood, whether through increased rent and housing costs, more policing, or just the ways in which your white bodies can make people feel, as a brilliant friend of mine once asked, "squatters in somebody else's project"?

So what does this mean for the future of white anti-racists? This might mean to first, figure out ways in which whiteness needs to die as a social structure and as an identity in which you organize your anti-racist work. What this looks like in practice may not be so clear but I will attempt to give some suggestions here. First, don't call us, we'll call you. If we need your resources, we will contact you. But don't show up, flaunt your power in our faces and then get angry when we resent the fact that you have so many resources we don't and that we are not grateful for this arrangement. And don't get mad because you can't make decisions in the process. Why do you need to? Secondly, stop speaking for us. We can talk for ourselves. Third, stop trying to point out internal contradictions in our communities, we know what they are, we are struggling around them, and I really do not know how white people can be helpful to non- whites to clear these up. Fourth, don't ever say some shit to me about how you feel silenced, marginalized, discriminated against, or put in your place. Period. Finally, start thinking of what it would mean, in terms of actual structured social arrangements, for whiteness and white identity--even the white antiracist kind (because there really is no redeemable or reformed white identity)--to be destroyed.

In conclusion, I want to say to anyone who thinks that this is too academic or abstract, I write as a non-white person, meaning that from my body, my person, I experience white supremacy. I also draw my understanding of white supremacy from non-white people, many engaged in various struggles of activism, but most importantly just to speak out and stay alive. They did not get accolades from many for speaking out but instead experienced constant threats on their lives for just existing and doing the work that they did. Moreover, I want to know when a discussion of whiteness, white supremacy and domination became seen as abstract and not rooted in the everyday concrete reality that we experience?

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Reply wildgemini
5:56 AM on February 1, 2013 
So basically you came to the conclusion that white people are racist by default and this can't be changed. Congrats you dumbfuck, you just went full retard.
Reply BanditRed
4:55 PM on February 7, 2013 
This article made me rethink my position on anti-racism as a White person. I'm serious. No wonder the Nazis have an appeal. After finishing reading this article, I'm honestly going to start reading up on White pride material. Thanks for showing me the errors of my ways. Not worth wasting time defending other races when they trash our own race.
Reply Sigurd
6:33 AM on February 27, 2013 
White people are rasist by default, because the wealth in Europe and North America is originally based upon slaves from Afrika. And rasism is built in our social as well as economical system. As a white person from Scandinavia, I have always seen capitalism as a very unjust system. And after reading and listening to Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, I have gained more understanding about rasism. It is built in the system and as we recognize that, we should adress is as such.
Reply moira
11:16 AM on March 6, 2013 
i am white and you say white people are racsist by defualt .. i was brought to know taht it is wrong to judge people by the colour of their skin and to fight for human rights as a whole where ever human rights violations are my family have fought hard .. through out the ages ... there are people that choose to ignore injustice and people that live to make a better world for all ...and many in between... re education is a key ..moving forward and not sticking to the past is also important ... and i do agre it can be impossible for white people to fully understand what it is like not be white... but it is not useful to anybody to say hey you are of no use when many people have died for the cause of emansipation that are white .
Reply moira
11:27 AM on March 6, 2013 
and also there is a thing called love that is a driving force that makes people want to fight for justice and not want any recognition for their sacrifice...... this thing called love ... is not something you have mentioned
Reply moira
11:48 AM on March 6, 2013 
if you a man saw a woman being treated poorly and cruely because she was a woman ... you would think it was sexist and unjust ... and may think it was wrongand feel angry ... you could either speak out or leave her to suffer ...if it was in your power to do something and you are a man what would you do ? you dont know what it is like to be a woman but should that stop you from speaking out ???? you would probably speak out ...yes ...because some of us care about our fellow human beings no matter how we are labeled and how much misinformation we have been given ..nothing can stop love .
Reply Clare
8:31 PM on March 6, 2013 
Thank you for writing and sharing this.
Reply human
8:47 AM on January 16, 2014 
You should be very careful against whom you write! Even though some of your comments are quite valid and also thought-through, you decided to be against the wrong type of people. Judging over white people, because you are black, does not make you any better than the white people who have destroyed so much on this earth through imperialism. Be grateful that there are people on this earth, who want to fight for a just cause - whoever they are - there are not too many anyway. A further food for thought - Since you start your article writing about the US, I assume that you are an America, which is currently considered to be the strongest and most pre-dominant country in this world. Does this fact that you (or anyone) are an American make you into an oppressor by default?
Reply Alexandra
1:36 PM on January 16, 2014 
I was born in a position of social privilege. My family didn't have a lot of money growing up, but nonetheless I recognize my privilege. I was also brought up in a home full of hate. I was taught that people of color were not worth as much and that I was not allowed to fall in love with someone who wasn't white. I knew those ideals were completely unfounded and wrong. Just as men are born into a position of privilege over women, I understand that white people are as well. I feel as though change has to start with how we raise our children, run our schools, and how we produce media. White children see themselves as the protagonist in media, politics, education, etc and then they carry that into everyday complete ignorance. If I were a white male I feel as though these things would be harder to understand. As a woman I have felt like an object to men, with experiences of sexual harassment and assault. I also have witnessed various times when my fiance was harassed by police officers for the color of his skin. Or see white people condescend to him and act surprised by his speech and intelligence. With these experiences, I can still not fathom or truly understand what people of color are going through. This article is very heartfelt and honest. But when you say "there is no redeemable or reformable white identity" do you mean the white identity needs to be redefined/ destroyed or that white people themselves need to be destroyed? I think that what it means to be white needs to change, no one should EVER benefit off of others' marginalization. And the change needs to start with America as a whole fixing these social constructs for our children. And to do that we have to work together. We need each other.
Reply James Difiore
9:02 AM on January 18, 2014 
Mental illness is a helluva thing. This rambling, disjointed rant is utter bullshit, and I hope you seek out the help you so desperately need.
Reply Dan
1:39 AM on January 23, 2014 
You do realize that genetically, we are no different? Perhaps a very small fraction of superficial differences separate us? This is a very hateful letter indeed. All this mentality does is separate and divide humanity. I get your perspective , and i believe i understand where it comes from as much as I am able to, but calling someone a racist is pretty violent in and of itself. All life is equally sacred, no intellectual rant will change that. Seems to me you wants to act violently to rip power away from whites. How is that better than whites ripping Africans from their homeland? It just replaces one system of violence with another. Lets end the cycle.

Now, i'm all for eliminating this global power structure in all its forms. How best can we achieve this together? Or would you rather separate humanity by this superficial race division which does not exist genetically? Wouldn't it be best for everyone to educate the ignorant masses with the knowledge that we are all 99.9% genetically identical? Were all African's anyways so is it not equally bigoted to see the divide based on color? I suppose this requires far more effort on the part of the oppressed than the oppressor though so again, i understand why the oppressed people would feel natural disdain for all whites on sight...but that is all the more evidence of the evils of oppression by causing the oppressed through learned behavior to demonstrate the same characteristics of the oppressor, via excluding whites because of the actions of other whites. surely there is a way to repair this rift between our cultures?

Again, fuck the power structures that be. I'm fine with that. I want no part of it but i have no choice...i cant choose to not be white any more than I chose to be born white...just as you didn?t not chose to be you think should stop viewing humanity as one race? I can however choose to see truth, and choose to value all humanity. I can choose to not contribute to white supremacy voluntarily and educate myself further on what it is to have white privilege. But I will not step aside and end my path of education and compassion. We are all the same race because genetically, this is true. Society invented race so why not create a new society? If it?s not done together it won?t happen. Namaste.