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Zuma Tells African Leaders to Dump West's Economic Models

Posted by The Reunion Black Family on December 11, 2011 at 5:15 AM


South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma in Nigeria, yesterday called on his counterparts on the continent to ditch economic models offshore and stick to home-grown economic ideas to pull Africa from the woods.The South African leader said the economic crisis facing the west has put a question mark on their economic approach, which a few years ago was held as sacrosanct.also bemoaned the crisis situation in Libya and the eventual killing of her president, Col. Muamar Gaddafi.



He declared that the African Union (AU) must never allow such to happen again in the continent.


"Libya situation is the latest challenge to the African continent. We call on Africa to stand united and be counted among other nations of the world. The challenge is how to help Libyans to build a democratic Libya and we cannot do it alone; we need the Arab league to work with us. Those who bombed Libya are today without solution on how to tackle the Libya crisis," he said.Zuma spoke extensively on the economic crisis in the developed countries: "The global balance of forces is undergoing a remarkable transformation. On one end, the world is facing economic crisis in the developed North and, on the other hand, there is the dramatic rise of China, India and Brazil on the Southern hemisphere as a new tenure in global economic growth and development. This is the context within which Africa must find its place and define its role in the 21st century. The economic crisis facing countries of the West has put a question mark on paradigm and approaches which, a few years ago, were celebrated as dogma to be worshiped.


"The painful years of Structural Adjustment Programme which was inspired by Washington consensus are still vivid in our mind. However, today, those economic models that were imposed on us are proving to be a source of economic difficulties unfolding in the North."On peace and security, President Zuma, who was conferred with an honorary doctorate degree by the American University, Yola, said: "Peace and security in Africa also require our attention.


Yes, we are better than where we were a few years ago, but we still have Somalia, Cote d'ivoire who are emerging from painful crisis. The manner in which Libya was treated by some countries in the developed world remains a scar that will take many years to heal for Africa.The African Union summit next year will have to deliberate on the Libya question to help this country return to normalcy. We must deliberate as well as how to ensure that we do not have a repeat of what happened in Libya.


Continuing, the South African President said; "Developed countries have their own agenda. Some countries are forever looking for excuses to interfere in the continent. In the past they used to say it was because of the absence of democracy. The AU has never been confused about how to resolve the Libyan issue, working with the Libyans,


"The Libyan situation is a reminder of the need to entrench unity in Africa so that we can deal with the challenges together in a total manner to defend the place of the authority of Africa and AU on matters affecting the continent. Having said this, we need to continue to entrench democracy and democratic system in Africa. We have seen instances of political stability.

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Reply awa
6:36 PM on December 11, 2011 
God bless this man! finally an african leader of 2011 is saying the truth out loud.
Its time for Africa to unite and work in benefit of Africans.

God bless you all
Reply Kjell Martinsson
7:44 PM on December 12, 2011 
Can anyone comment this statement: Did mr N Mandela as president first plan to visit Libya. But then mrs Thatcher warned him to go there..."
Reply Einar Schlereth
2:07 AM on December 13, 2011 
Would Africa have stand united BEFORE the heinous attack on Libya it could have been prevented. But anyhow it's never too late to start a new approach to urgent questions as Zuma did. So go ahead, Africa. And don't let the West mingle in it. All peace and Africa-loving people should suppport this initiative.
Reply dumu okalukalu
8:16 AM on January 18, 2012 
is being lone time we hear an African president said like this, this it proved that they know but they are afraid of their masters, afraid of being killed, kidnap. but as a revolutionary this give more and more fuel in my car to continue fight these devils of US/EU. at least he said some thing against good, last time he talk how we start suffering since the arrival of these devils in Africa, that was i think one month back. hope he will not stop there. even he already make a lot of mistakes.
Reply Resa
9:17 PM on August 11, 2012 
It's good to hear a leader in Africa make a statement like this. Black people in the US could care less about Africa. They don't see the connection. The connection that Africans and Blacks had in the 60's died with Malcom X and exiled members of the Black Panther Party. The Civil Rights groups in America were not interested in partnering with African leaders to resolve the problems that we all faced. They were more interested in intergration and forcing whites to accept blacks. Things are better in the US for Blacks, but we are still brainwashed with the Willie Lynch syndrome. Blacks in the US ignore the fact when Africans were brought to the US for free slave labor, they were stripped of the language, faith, culture and name and replaced with everything European. Today, Black people is are so easily manipulated into self destruction. Blacks in the music industry have went from being ripped off by the power structure to being their prostitute. They are being used to bring destruction to their own people, selling their souls for money. The power structure sold blacks the 1st black president bs, they don't see it for what it is, a scam. There is no unity among Blacks because they are so busy buying into materialism and the american dream bs. Blacks still see whites as their master, not understanding just because white people do things that doesn't make it right.

Africans and Blacks have to stop killing each other. The oppressor put cheese in the trap and we eat it. Africans think they are better than Blacks and Blacks in the Carribean. No one group of Africans/Blacks is better than the other. We are all cut from the same cloth. When we realize that and come to gather as one we cant successfully fight the power structure.
Reply Akande Mathew Olusade
7:12 AM on February 8, 2013 
Thanks President Jacob Zuma. The solution for African Development in this millennium is not far-fetched. The word 'democracy' is alien and not well applied in this continent called Africa. For instance, in my country Nigeria, "Law was not meant for the Rich". My able President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) emphatically declared to the whole world that ?he doesn?t believe in declaration of one?s asset; though, he did it twice, but he was forced to do it?. This was conspicuously enshrined in ?Nigeria Constitution? which he swored to uphold and is also mandatory for all public office holders. We should stop deceiving ourselves if we're really craving and serious about the economic emancipation for Africa! About Libya, Late President, Col. Muamar Gaddafi toiled the path of his destruction. According to Confucius of China, he said that "Don't impose on others what you yourself do not desire". Conclusively, apart from South Africa, all other African Leaders should undergo, bought and follow the good step of leadership-charisma of Uruguay's Head of State, Jose Mujica, Julius Nyerere; Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Nelson Mandela, "The World's Poorest President" (Jose Mujica) donates 90 percent of his salary to his country - Uruguay. For your information, Uruguay was the first country to win the maiden World Football Tournament in 1930. He is riding Volkswagen Beetle (1987 model) and living in his wife?s small farm house respectively. This is a typical hall mark of true leadership/nation's developmental strategies, vividly exhibited by a committed Leader (Jose Mujica) in our horrible generation of political rogues! Also, a God-sent Cobbler (Shoe-maker) ? President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the 35th President of Brazil from Workers? Party who revamped the several-decades dwindling-economy of Brazil within 7 years and placed that country on number 8 World Economic Powers! He (Lula da Silva) was taught how to read and write by his faithful wife. Finally, "The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do a good work today" by Elbert Hubbard. Also, ?a nation or continent cannot prosper long when it favours only the prosperous? by Barak Obama. Thank you, all.