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The Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has been sworn in as chairman of the African Union at a ceremony in Addis Ababa

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Robert Mugabe Elected African Union Chairman

The Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has been sworn in as chairman of the African Union at a ceremony in Addis Ababa

Zimbabwe president calls on Africa to harness resources for its own ends as members urged to tackle infrastructure, climate change, conflict .

and with a familiar rallying cry that Africa’s wealth belongs to Africa a...

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House of Bondage. Ernest Cole, South Africa

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House of Bondage. Photographer: Ernest Cole, South Africa . Ernest Cole was a black South African, born in Eersterust in Pretoria, in 1940

He left school when the Bantu Education Act was put into place in 1953, and instead completed his matric via correspondence. He started taking photographs at a very young age.

In 1958, Cole applied for a job with Drum magazine. Jürgen Schadeberg, the chief photograph...

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Video --Mandela Speaking on Palestine

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Mandela Speaking on Palestine


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Tell My People That I love Them They Must Continue The Fight. Solomon Mahlangu Was Hanged At The Pretoria Prison South Africa on 6 April 1979

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South Africa.Solomon Mahlangu - ‘My blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom. Tell my people that I love them. They must continue the fight.’ Amaaandla! Solomon Mahlangu: 10 July 1956 - 6 April 1979

Names: Mahlangu, Solomon Kalushi


Born: 10 July 1956, Pretoria*, Gauteng (then Transvaal), South Africa


Died: 6 April 1979, Pretoria Central ...

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South African Doctor Found Guilty Of Creating Drugs, Chemicals To Exterminate Africans

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South African Doctor Found Guilty Of Creating Drugs, Chemicals To Exterminate The Black Africans

A South African doctor that rose to infamy during the period of apartheid for his production of chemical weapons and drugs was found guilty this week of unprofessional conduct. Wouter Basson, who headed a controversial chemical and biological weapons program in the 1980s and 1990s, saw an end to a six-year inquir...

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Comrades Who Fought Against Apartheid In South Africa Are Still Languishing In Prison

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Comrades Who Fought Against Apartheid In South Africa Are Still Languishing In Prison.

This is a query about continued imprisonment of former freedom fighters of PAC-APLA cadres.

In November 2007, the then State President of South Africa, Mr. Thabo Mbeki, addressed the National Parliament and announced that a committee would be established to look in the matter of freedom fighters that were not amnestied by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Amnesty Committee.

The refer...

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Japhta Masemola Did More For South Africa Than any ANC Member.He Spent 28 Years In Prison,Nine In Solitary Confinement

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Was Nelson Mandela The Only Man That Fought And Was Jailed Because Of Apartheid?

I realised the majority of the people in the world do not know the truth about the South African struggle. The man on picture did more for South Africa than any ANC member. He also spent 28 years in prison, 9 in solitary confinement.

Learn your history, if there is a time to tell people the truth, it is now. The PAC should be working har...

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Understanding Mandela In His Own Words!

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Understanding Mandela in his own words!


"As I walked out the door towards the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison." - Nelson Mandela


This quote in itself tells us a lot about the man who walked out of prison.

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"I am not alone. The people of Soweto are still with me. Look what they make him do. The great Mandela. He has no control or say any more. They put that huge statue of him right in the middle of the most affluent "white" area of Johannesburg. Not here where we spilled our blood and where it all started. Mandela is now a corporate foundation. He is wheeled out globally to collect the money and he is content doing that. The ANC have effectively sidelined him but they keep him as a figurehead fo...

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ANC Leaders Joined White Minority To Enrich Itself While Life Becomes Ever Harder For The Black Majority."

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Leaders of the ruling African National Congress party have joined the white minority that continues to enrich itself while life becomes ever harder for the black majority."


Once again, lets spot the "con"


African National CONgress


Is this just another CONspiracy theory? or


yet another constructed illusion of congeed freedom with conject...

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Massacre of the ANC regime.Apartheid Did Not Die: African lives cheap as ever

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 "African lives cheap as ever," read a headline in the Sowetan newspaper.

Bloody Marikana: What the media didn't tell you.

Earlier today, SNI members set off to Marikana, the crime scene at which several black workers were shot and killed last week. Getting into the town is not an easy feat. There are at least four road blocks before you can gain access into it and at each stop SNI is stopped and interrogated by the police: Why are we there, why did we choose this pa...

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A blueprint on how to destroy the black race.By P.W Botha Former S.Africa president.

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A blueprint on how to destroy the black race .. and still we refuse to wise up ..

WARNING: This is difficult reading, if you are a black person or consider yourself to be one. But as they say: 'the truth shall set us free' ..

THE FOLLOWING is an excerpt from a speech made by former South African President P.W. Botha to his Cabinet. This reprint was written by David G. Mailu for the Sunday Times, a South African newspaper, dated August 18, 1985.

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More PAC activists hanged in 60s

Posted by Wangui Munyi-Vanselow on December 15, 2011 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (0)

THE EXECUTION of more than 50 Poqo members in the 1960s was a fatal blow to the PAC’s military wing.

Of the more than 100 people hanged during this period at the Pretoria Central Prison for political reasons, more Poqo or PAC members were executed than those belonging to Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK).

In a research paper, Madeleine Fullard of the National Prosecuting Authority’s Missing Persons Task Team, formed as per a recommendation from the Truth and Reconciliation Comm...

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South Africa unveils first African military plane

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PRETORIA (SOUTH AFRICA): The first military aircraft designed and built by African companies was unveiled today by a South African arms company which said it had already received orders for the lightweight plane.

Ivor Ichikowitz, head of Johannesburg-based arms maker Paramount Group, called the plane a breakthrough, but experts said its simple design was similar to planes produced by other countries, and said it will have tough competition.

Ichikowitz said the...

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